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Join us for Sunday Morning Service at The Potter’s House of Dallas!

    Bishop TD Jakes Sunday Service September 11 2022

    You are highly invited to today’s Sunday Live Service with Bishop TD Jakes at Potters House Church Dallas. This is a special Sunday service filled with praises and worship and inspiring sermon.

    Be rest assured that this is a service you cannot afford to miss as it is filled with spirit lifting praises and worships and inspiring and life changing sermons.

    Inviting everyone to this Sunday service, Bishop T.D Jakes wrote on Instagram:

    “Join me this morning!!! Got a word you need for a situation you face! Service starts at 9:00 cdt log in early!”

    Teaching further on his sermon ‘Timing is Everything’ , Bishop TD Jakes took to Instagram to write:

    “What you’re fighting is bigger than you think (Ephesians 6:12), but it does not stand a chance against the Most-High God! He’s not surprised by what you’re facing. His divine strategy is already in motion, but you have to trust that His Timing Is Everything!”

    Watch and learn from this Sunday service at The Potters House of Dallas with Bishop T.D Jakes on July 10 2022 as we bring the latest Sunday services at The Potters House to you.

    Video Credit: Bishop T.D Jakes YouTube

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