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Bishop TD Jakes Sermons:  Crushing

    Bishop TD Jakes Sermons Crushing : It is the thing that crushes the eaglet that causes it to soar. The whole value of crushing is to explain to people not to be confused when the crushing precedes a soaring. A lot of times, people are only told about soaring and not crushing. When some crushing happens in your life, it looks like what is being preached is not true whereas, crushing is the process and soaring is the promise. You cannot get the promise without the process.

    Those who God is going to anoint the most He always crushes the most. People want the success which they have not been groomed for which is a problem. Success which you have not been groomed for is like birthing a baby prematurely. Chances of survival goes down the earlier the baby is exposed. To be exposed too soon is not a blessing, it is a curse. There is a time and season for every purpose under the heavens.

    When the anointing comes, the fear goes. You can’t let fear hold you back from your destiny. You have to feel the fear and do it anyway. There is a whole lot of ways to be crushed that people don’t see and it affects you like you are being stabbed. Some of the crushing that God allows us to go through are beyond explanations.

    Nobody can escape the place of crushing. Something in your life is going to be what God is going to use to crush you but remember that crushing is not the end. Crushing is a stage and not a destination. Don’t let pain become your normal and don’t be accustomed to pain or don’t let it be your place of residence. Don’t self-sabotage your success. Break your way out of pain.

    Watch and learn from this sermon by Bishop TD Jakes titled ”Crushing” and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant all your heart desires.

    Video Credit : TD Jakes Youtube

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