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Bishop T.D. Jakes : What Does God Think About Self-Deception?

    Bishop TD Jakes sermon May 8 2022 : The founder of Potters house, Bishop TD Jakes  shares this wonderful message titled What Does God Think About Self-Deception?” where he talks about the effect of pride in our life. According to Bishop Jakes, when pride gets in the part of our progress, we find ourself engaging in a lot of wrongs knowingly and unknowingly.

    We’ll only go so far doing things our way. When pride gets in the path of our progress, we find ourselves getting comfortable amid our dysfunction. Like the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-24, who realized he was living beneath himself, God will release an epiphany that proves we can live another way. There’s greater in store for us, but we won’t get there until we decide to get up! It doesn’t matter how far we’ve gotten off track; there’s always more than one way to get back home.

    Kindly watch, Listen and meditate on the word of God in this sermon and may the word of God bear everlasting fruit in our lives, Amen.

    credit : Bishop TD Jakes youtube

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