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Bishop T.D. Jakes – Don’t Leave Like You Came!

    Bishop TD Jakes sermon don’t leave like you came: The famous preacher, author, film maker and the lead pastor of Potters church , Bishop TD Jakes has come through with wonderful sermon title ”don’t leave like you came”.

    In this sermon, Bishop TD Jakes said ”The labels placed on you don’t fit you anymore. Somewhere along the way, you got comfortable living within those constraints, but today you’ve been charged to break out of the graveyard of your past. You were counted out, but as you shake yourself loose from every dead situation, you will never be the same. No longer will you stay chained to who you used to be. In this season, you’re stepping into a new dimension that will require you to reintroduce yourself.

    Watch, listen and meditate on this sermon by Bishop TD Jakes and stay tuned as we keep updating you with latest sermons by pastors around the world.

    source: Bishop TD Jakes youtube

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