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    BISHOP TD JAKES SERMON 2022 : Pastor T.D Jakes teaches us about the prodigal son, he teaches us how we must arise from places we have kept ourselves and strive for better, we must strive to achieve that which God has destined in our lives. There’s a lot of people you run with that you are not one of them, but because they accept you, you’re a prince hanging out with a pig and of course, the pig needs you and of course the pig likes you and of course the pig makes you feel important, it’s a pig it’s got nothing to lose.


    You’re a prince in a field of pigs, there’s something wrong with it, anytime you seek the lowest and not the highest anytime you feel more comfortable, with less than you do, any time you will not give yourself permission to get up and instead lay in the hog pin of a bed, full of excuses and a butt pack with mud mats around your head, flies all in your hair and you’re a child of the king, that’s glory to God’s promotion glory.



    You’re not a pig, you’re a child of the king and the moment he had, the first thing he said even before he said anything about his father is I will arise, not somebody tell him I’m getting up out of this just because it comforts me, does not mean it compels me.


    Often, what comforts us does not compel us because what comforts us requires nothing of us, the pigs asked nothing of him and so he could lay with the piece and would feign had filled his belly with the corn husk that the swine did eat. We don’t even eat corn husk there isn’t a person in this room who cooks corn husk. he wanted to fill his belly with the leftover, with what the pigs left and the first thing he realises, I can’t go till I get up.



    It feels so good, it feels like family, all in the room he makes a decision, I don’t think there’s anything as powerful as a decision, a decision is one of God’s great gifts he gave to men, he didn’t give it to chickens, he didn’t give it to goats, he didn’t give it to apes, he didn’t give it to snakes, he gave it to us, the power to make a decision. Pastor T.D Jakes teaches us that we must not give up on ourselves and we must key into God’s plan for our lives by arising, even when we deviate from our Part.


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