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Happy 29th Birthday Thomas Dexter Jakes Jr

    Bishop TD Jakes Last Son Thomas Dexter Jakes Jr : The founder of TD Jakes Ministries and Potter’s House Church Dallas, Bishop TD Jakes has taken to instagram to celebrate his yougest son, Thomas Dexter Jakes Jr, on his 29th birthday.

    Thomas Dexter Jakes Jr. is the Youngest Child in T D Jakes Family. He is the last-born son of Bishop T DJakes, who was born in 1994, in Dallas, Texas, making him 29 years old. While not as well-known as his father, Thomas Jakes Jr. has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur and businessman.

    Celebrating Thomas Dexter Jakes Jr birthday, his father, Bishop Jakes took to instagram to write:

    I was thirty six when you were born. I considered myself a young man. What I didn’t consider was I wouldn’t be a young man by the time you were! Lol I can’t believe our baby boy is 29!!!

    Every birthday I get to share with you is iconically a blessing. So, I am grateful to see you bud, blossom and produce fruit in my lifetime. I’m grateful for your support, loyalty, love and brilliance. Your intellect coupled with your emotional intelligence has made you an exceptional reliable creative human being in the world. All your life, you’ve been watching me.  Now, I get to sit back and watch you! Happy birthday to our baby boy. @seritajakes and I, are celebrating not just today but every day. Your life, your choices and your consistency is the elixir of our exuberance!

    We will always be in your corner, @ImJustDex, watching you box life! 💪🏾

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