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Bishop T.D. Jakes : The Prophetic Prayer

    Bishop T.D. Jakes : The Prophetic Prayer : Here is another amazing message by the potter’s house church founder, Bishop TD Jakes  titled ‘‘the prophetic prayer”

    Speaking on this sermon, Bishop Jakes said that Elisha’s story in 2 Kings 6:11-17 teaches us a powerful lesson: You are never alone. When his servant was afraid of the enemy armies, Elisha prayed and the servant could then see God’s army of fiery chariots protecting them. This act shows the importance of spiritual awareness and prayer in recognizing God’s protection and presence.

    As you follow your spiritual path and serve others, remember that God gives you strength to face ANY challenge or trial. Keep faith and move forward, knowing God’s unfailing presence is always with you!

    Kindly watch and learn from this unique Potter’s house church sermon by Bishop TD Jakes ”The prophetic Prayer” and be highly inspired.

    Watch sermon below:

    Video credit: TD Jakes Youtube


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