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Bishop T.D Jakes Sermon : Surviving In The Wilderness

    The founder of Potter’s House Church Dallas and TD Jakes Ministries, Bishop T.D Jakes has come through with another amazing and inspiring sermon titled ”Surviving in the Wilderness” which is a strpong message of encouragement and hope that you will enjoy listening to.

    Preaching on this sermon ”Surviving in the Wilderness” , Bishop Jakes started by asking; What does your wilderness look like? Is it the loss of a loved one? Being overlooked at your job? Or feeling the pain of rejection?

    Whatever your situation, you must relearn the first truth of being a believer: You are never alone! You have angels in your wasteland designated by God to protect and rescue you. If you acknowledge they are there, you can hold your head high even while you’re feeling low. Trust that your wilderness is a way forward and believe God will prepare you for His perfect purpose!

    In his sermon “Surviving in the Wilderness,” Jakes speaks to the challenges that we all face in life, and offers guidance on how to overcome them.

    The wilderness is a metaphor for the challenges and trials that we face in life. It can be a time of uncertainty, doubt, and fear, as we struggle to find our way through difficult situations. But Jakes reminds us that even in the wilderness, we are not alone. God is always with us, and He will guide us through even the toughest of times.

    Jakes draws inspiration from the biblical story of Moses, who led the Israelites through the wilderness for 40 years. Moses faced countless challenges and obstacles along the way, but he never lost faith in God’s plan. Jakes encourages us to follow Moses’ example, and to trust in God’s plan for our lives, even when we don’t understand it.

    Jakes also reminds us that the wilderness can be a time of transformation and growth. It is in the wilderness that we learn to rely on God and to develop our faith. We learn to let go of the things that hold us back, and to embrace the new opportunities that come our way. It is through the challenges of the wilderness that we are able to grow into the people that God has called us to be.

    Jakes’ message of hope and encouragement is a powerful reminder that no matter what challenges we face, we are never alone. God is always with us, guiding us through the wilderness and leading us to a brighter future. We can trust in His plan for our lives, and we can have faith that He will see us through even the toughest of times.

    In conclusion, TD Jakes’ sermon “Surviving in the Wilderness” offers valuable insight into the challenges we all face in life. He reminds us that even in the midst of uncertainty and fear, we can trust in God’s plan for our lives. Through faith and perseverance, we can survive the wilderness and emerge stronger, more confident, and more fulfilled than ever before.

    Kindly watch and learn from this Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon ”Surviving in the Wilderness” and as you do so, may Gid bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

    Watch Bishop TD Jakes Sermon ”Surving in the Wilderness” Youtube”

    Video credit : T.D. Jakes Youtube


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