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Compilation of Best and Most Inspiring Sermons By Bishop T.D. Jakes 2022

    Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermon 2022 : Here is a compendium of the best and most inspiring sermons by Bishop TD Jakes of the Potter’s House Church Dallas.

    If you are looking for the list of T.D. Jakes best of Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermon 2022, then we are happy to inform you that you have gotten to the end of your search. Here is a full compilation of the top, best and most inspiring sermons by TD Jakes.

    Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr., known as T. D. Jakes, is an American bishop, author and filmmaker. He is the bishop of The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American megachurch. Jakes’s church services and Evangelistic sermons are broadcast on The Potter’s Touch ( Wikipaedia on Bishop TD Jakes).

    Kindly take out time to enjoy this our compiled best and top sermons by Bishop T.D. Jakes and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

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     Big Picture Thinking – Bishop T.D. Jakes sermons 2022

    Jesus believes and respects elders. The Old Testament teaches and tells us that we are to honour our fathers and mothers which is the only commandment with a promise of adding years to our life and that alone makes it worth it. When it comes to the mission of Christ, He did not allow His alliance of His mother get in the way of His mission.

    There is a difference between the big picture and the small picture thinking. Jesus made a big picture statement to a small picture thinking person by saying “ye know not what ye ask”. He literally said I am getting to die for the world and you say can you get my kids a job? She couldn’t see the big picture from looking at the small frame.

    Sometimes you cannot talk the God-kind of talk when you have a small picture approach to life. Mary the mother of Jesus brings a small picture issue to a big picture God and when she does this, He says ye know not what ye ask which we can interpret to mean I know you worship me and just because you do doesn’t mean you understand me.

    When there is a hole in your character, nothing is ever enough, nobody can love you enough, nobody can think you are beautiful enough, nobody can do enough for you. It is never enough because whatever you get in is leaking out through something in your life that stops you from saying I am thankful for what I have right now.

    Whenever God is ready to promote, there will always be an escalation of trouble. It was worth coming through the rain to get in. Whenever the enemy knows that you have a destiny, he will always set a distraction to stop you from getting to your destiny and the distraction will always escalate before it gets better. To whom much is given, much is required and before you ask for something, look at the cup.

    Many are focused on where they want to seat but haven’t looked at what they have to drink to get there. Most times, we underestimate what it takes to get to the next level. We want the promise without the problem, we want acknowledgement without agony, riches without work, fame without loneliness pleasure without pain which shows that we know not what we ask.

    Before you ask God for the chair, be sure you look in the cup because between you and the chair is always the cup.


    Keep Your Faith – Bishop TD Jakes Sermon

    Everyone including champions, kings, winners has felt the urge to quit. Don’t give up on your dream. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the money, help, family, friends or background for it, do not give up on your dream. Don’t do it and never do it. It may take you twice as long, you may have to take courses and classes, you might not move as fast or quick or have  as much but don’t you do it.

    You do make a difference as tired or weak you as you are and even as many mistake you make. There is something people around you will lose or miss if you were not there because you do make a difference.

    Do the best you can of what you have got and be the best you are. You may not break any ribbon or record or even get a trophy but if you can learn how to hang on in there, you will be alright. Although there are days you will feel down and don’t want to move on but they will come and pass and they came to pass but you have to keep the faith. You may lose a lot of strength, faith, friends, courage, time or money but still keep the faith and keep believing.

    You have got to keep your faith no matter what you are going through or facing. Just keep the faith and keep going on.



    Make It Happen – T.D Jakes sermons

    God uses ordinary people. Your life is not going to be a straight line and the Old Testament reveals this to us by showing us the lives of people who were called how people were good and bad, strong and weak, right and wrong, victorious and victimised.

    There is going to be peaks and valleys, uprising and down setting along life’s journey because such is life. Sometimes it is not spiritual attack or warfare but “life is doing what life does”. Life gives and takes, makes you cry and laugh.

    Your history is always a glimpse of what you will do in your destiny. God is going to use something you already did and take it to the next level and use it to bless you. The very thing your friends ask you to stop doing or being might be the very thing that may get your whole life changed. Your business can be Christ’s platform. God did not put you on that job for money but for purpose. In order to walk with Jesus, you have to walk away from what you had in mind.

    It does matter who you are connected with because there are certain benefits and favours that come not because of who you are but because of who you are connected to (the right people). Sometimes your blessing is in the relationship with the very person they are trying to cut you off from. Your next can be in your connections. There are blessings you will get just because you are connected with Jesus.

    There is something that God puts inside of people that your present, intellect or background can not do for you. If you have got education and don’t have or establish that thing, you still might not be successful in life




    Bishop TD Jakes Sermons:  Crushing

    It is the thing that crushes the eaglet that causes it to soar. The whole value of crushing is to explain to people not to be confused when the crushing precedes a soaring. A lot of times, people are only told about soaring and not crushing. When some crushing happens in your life, it looks like what is being preached is not true whereas, crushing is the process and soaring is the promise. You cannot get the promise without the process.

    Those who God is going to anoint the most He always crushes the most. People want the success which they have not been groomed for which is a problem. Success which you have not been groomed for is like birthing a baby prematurely. Chances of survival goes down the earlier the baby is exposed. To be exposed too soon is not a blessing, it is a curse. There is a time and season for every purpose under the heavens.

    When the anointing comes, the fear goes. You can’t let fear hold you back from your destiny. You have to feel the fear and do it anyway. There is a whole lot of ways to be crushed that people don’t see and it affects you like you are being stabbed. Some of the crushing that God allows us to go through are beyond explanations.

    Nobody can escape the place of crushing. Something in your life is going to be what God is going to use to crush you but remember that crushing is not the end. Crushing is a stage and not a destination. Don’t let pain become your normal and don’t be accustomed to pain or don’t let it be your place of residence. Don’t self-sabotage your success. Break your way out of pain.


    Bishop TD Jakes Message : Branded

    Paul in the epistles tells us what it means to be a child of God. He does this in the book of Philippians 2 vs 5-11. You are more than a follower of Christ, His divine nature has been incarnated into your humanity and you have been empowered by grace which has become  a refuge for the weakness in your life.

    Jesus death on the tree gave us irrevocable blessings which sickness and death can’t take. The irrevocable blessing is salvation. God has freely bestowed it upon us but don’t allow the low course free gift to circumvent the fact that every gift comes with responsibility. New levels bring new devils. Our generation has been raised to not be acquainted with discomfort whereby Jesus was acquainted with grief.

    Your ability to endure suffering leads to survival. You can’t survive if you can’t endure temporary afflictions. Suffering is part of the process. The very emblem of our faith is suffering. If you know who you are, you don’t have to show who you are. Think of yourself not needing to prove what God has already ordained. Stop allowing people to provoke you to show off or show up.

    To be sealed or branded is to authenticate. You are nobody until you have some wounds. The wound is your brand and the brand would remove all doubt to the fact that you are authentically a slave of the gospel. Don’t think about your scars and don’t hide it because your scars have value. The brand controls the outcome and brings the blessing.

    Everything you are and have belongs to God because you have been branded. You bare on your body the mark of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some test, hurt, storm, pains, scars and heartaches are brands. So take the make up off because that’s how God can recognize you. It is not inspite of but because of the scar. God is going to exalt you and move everything out of your way except your scars. If you are seeking healing, look for what hurt because whatever hurts you is what God is going to use to heal them.


    The Gift Of God – TD Jakes sermons 

    Grace is the gift of God. True worship is born when we recognise our unworthiness of the things God gives us and yet bestows out of His goodness not our goodness. The blessings we receive causes us to be grateful, more appreciative, thankful and to honour God more because we owe such a debt. It is all about Him and not about us.

    We live in a world where what feels natural for you, you feel the license to do it but as Christians, we go against natural to spiritual that is why we repent. We try to walk away from our history to our destiny and try to walk away from the gravitational pull to live life at its lowest point.

    Without any obstruction, when gravitational pull pulls you, you just keep falling lower and lower until you find yourself in the abyss condition of the depravity of the human spirit. As Christians it is not that you can’t do wrong but there is a conviction that makes it stressful when you are in sin. You learn to walk in the opposite direction everyday because you are not finished or complete. You are under construction. You must not use this understanding as a license to play with the swine. You have to resist it, you have an alternative force puling you towards the good that will reprimand and convict you when you do wrong.

    Conviction is the sure sign of conversion. The gift of God is salvation which has been imputed to us. The providential moving of the Holy Spirit is also a part of the gift of God. You have to accept the gift and sometimes you have to open it up to see that the steps of a good man are ordered by God and He delights in his ways.

    There are somethings you can only understand later and until that time, you have got to work through faith and thank God for what He has already done. You have to trust Him that in ages to come everything you don’t understand will be understood better.


    TD Jakes Sermon : Courage

    You have got to have the courage. Do you act outwardly on what you see inwardly or will you die a dreamer? It takes courage to be successful because it is far easier not to be successful. Misery will always have company. Success breeds contempt. If you don’t want to make waves, be normal and fit in and if you are more concerned about people, then you neutralize everything God puts in you and fit in with everybody else and once you neutralize your uniqueness, then you don’t need courage.

    It takes courage to be different and to go where you have never gone before. It takes courage to get you outside of the box and it takes courage to win. People don’t talk about people that don’t win, if you win they are going to talk about you. Do you have the courage to stand when the storms keep raging because you have come too far to turn around..

    It takes courage to be exceptional, wise, rich, educated, knowledgeable. After all you have been through, you didn’t come through all of that just to fit in to normalcy. You have to have courage to go out to accomplish your dream.



     Girded – Bishop T.D Jakes Sermons 2022

    We never really cover ourselves because nothing can sufficiently cover us from God and all things are opened to Him. The only way we are appropriate to stand in the presence of God is through the blood because without the blood there is no remission of sin. Girding is important to God even from the book of the beginnings (Genesis) in relation to Aaron. God is in the business of making coverings for us.

    It is not every information God gives you that you must share. There are somethings you must keep to yourself. Many are afraid of the vulnerability of loving people who have illicit intentions not that they are not capable to love. God uses satan diabolical intentions or plans to accomplish His purpose.

    You can have peace when you make peace when things turn out the way they are supposed to turn out for you to be who God wants you to be. God is working all things out of the counsel of His own will. It is not just the good things people do that usher us to our destiny, sometimes it is the wicked things they do that stir and drive us to God’s will and into His purpose.

    Able to stand above is one kind of power but able to drop to your knees is another. You must realise it takes as much power to kneel as it does to stand and also it takes as much grace to lower yourself as it does to elevate yourself. Many will either wrap up with a lie than strip down to the truth. Sometimes it isn’t so much of what God says but watching what God does.

    God is calling us to be vulnerable. You have to lay aside your agenda for God to use you. You have to have the courage to lay aside your garment and be vulnerable for you to succeed. The garment can be anything to stop you from your reality. If you don’t pass the test in private, you won’t pass the test in public.

    Stop talking about yourself because until you do it your loving, God won’t show up to your living and it will never happen in your giving. Take on the form of a servant and gird yourself with the towel. No matter how long you live, if what you lived for is you, then your living was in vain.


    He Still Wants You : T.D Jakes Sermon 2022

    There is not a person who doesn’t have something in his or her life that you wouldn’t want to read about in the front page of the paper or make you uncomfortable but we attack others when we read about their dirt whereby we are guilty ourselves. You can be great about this and still have shame about that. Shame is personal.

    The Bible gives us moment of humanity to balance the ambience of the anointing so that you can make a difference between the treasure and the vessel. Just because the vessel is human doesn’t mean the treasure is not good. To be human is complex so you can not judge anyone in the isolation of one moment just like Peter who denied Jesus and yet still became a great apostle.

    Shame stops you from getting to your dreams and make you feel worthless. It stops you from living your life to the fullest and make you punish yourself. What do you do when your shame affects the people you love, the way they look at you and think of you? Just like the prodigal son who was full of shame after blowing up his father’s money but his father still ran to meet him because he still wanted him.

    God still wants you despite the shame and He cares about you. God is calling you and saying to you that inspite of your shame, He still has a plan for your life. The shame and crisis you are facing is not bigger than the grace of your God. God loves you. Don’t let your shame stop your destiny from coming to pass. Nothing can stop you from being a candidate of the grace of God to put back your feet on course. No matter how bad it is, God still wants you.


    Declassified : Bishop T.D Jakes 2022

    There are things that have been hidden from the foundations of the world and has been declassified for the saints and been made available. Our God is the All-Sufficient One who lacks nothing or needs anything. A lot of people see God through the eyes of their pain, circumstances and situations. They don’t understand that God is so blessed that the streets of heaven are paved with gold. God is blessed not because of things but because all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made.

    The blesser is always more blessed than the blessee. God was blessed all by Himself. The root from which all things consist has been transferred to you into your spirit. Not the things but the thing that created the things. You can’t receive transfer from God in carnality because you must be eligible to receive the transfer. Your blessings don’t come in but come out. As He is so are we in the world. People look like what they have been actually looking at. We become what we behold.

    Some repeat classified information that has not been revealed to them. There is no way you can continue to read God’s word and not become wise or better. God has chosen you before the foundation of the world. God has equipped you with everything you need to do what He created you to do. God is bringing you into something that is so much bigger than what you are complaining about. God has accepted you into the beloved. Don’t spend time on those who rejected you or who accepted you.

    There is a mystery of God’s will  God has made known unto us. God gives you wisdom by transferring it to you. You can only conquer what God has given you permission to conquer. It is God who unveils the mystery to you. It comes with the lack of need to compare yourself with other people because what He has willed for you is different from what He has willed for other people.

    You can’t provoke God to declassify what He has classified. He decides when you are ready to know. God wants to declassify the information to bring you to an understanding of why you were created. He wants you to know the mystery of His will. You have been blessed to save and solve.



    Bishop T.D Jakes message : Living Bigger Than Me!

    We live in a world where it is all about us. Some lose their mission, assignment and calling because their feelings got hurt. We have to get rid of the me syndrome because it is killing and destroying us. You can’t serve God and be stuck up to yourself and refuse to evolve to the degree where it is about sacrifice.

    It is about service, giving yourself away, living for purpose and living bigger than you. Don’t let anyone frustrate you or get on your nerve if you want to live big. You have to live big so that you want to live for something bigger than yourself.

    The things that drive you crazy are the things you have the power to change. If you are looking for your purpose, look at your passion not what you like but what you don’t like and can’t stand is a clue the that you should do something. Nehemiah worried about something bigger than him in Nehemiah 2 vs 1-10.

    Until you have worried about something bigger than you, you have not lived yet because you are just existing. What moves you, what do you fight for. Go out of your way for something other than you. You have been positioned for purpose. Build the walls that define you. Draw some lines around you in  terms of funds, time and what you entertain in your life. There are people who are benefiting from your dysfunction and they want you to be better. Have your integrity download because your integrity states your boundaries. Accept the challenge of building that wall until you are the person you are created to be.


    TD Jakes Sermon: Shift Strategies

    The world is in a shift and even the church is in a shift. Do you have strategies for tge shift? Many are shifting without strategies and are impulsively shifting not making any evaluation or strategies that make sense. You shouldn’t be led by your emotions but by the Lord and the Holy Spirit in this hour.

    It is important to note that just because you are serving in the house doesn’t mean that know the lord of the house. Many go to church because of the decision of their parents but have not had an encounter with God. Your children have to have an encounter with God. Consequently, we are raising generations who have not had encounter with God. Bringing them to the house of Lord doesn’t mean you have brought them to the Lord. They must have a personal call and encounter with God. God sometimes set up the stage for the shift. He doesn’t bring Eli down without bringing Samuel up and He doesn’t do so in a spontaneous way but in a strategic way.

    You cannot be a great prophet if you are not a worshipper. Stop using your anointing as an opportunity to be disrespectful to those who have gone before you. God speaks in dark places. Sometimes the greatest words we can ever get from God are in the twilight and twinkling light of our lives and in times we are in the cave. The shift is sometimes done in the stillness of the spirit. God has a chance to be heard.

    You must have respect for God’s anointing.  Obedience has to be taught to us because if it is not taught, we won’t know how to do it just like Eli taught Samuel to obey God. When God starts talking to you, He always sound like the mentor He sent to mentor you. Sometimes you might not know how to respond on what you hear without the wisdom of the elders in order for us to move to the shift God has for us. No matter how gifted or talented you are, you have got a blind side which you need somebody to tell you how to respond to what you are sensing.

    God calling you to divine alignment to be prepared for what He is about to do. God has never lost control, He is still in control. He is sovereign. It is time for you to be still to get the strategies. Put away what you need to put away to be ready for what is next. Be opened to it and be ready for it.



    Watch Bishop T.D Jakes Sermon : Trauma, Triggers And Triumph

    There are different kinds of trauma which includes chronic trauma from repeated and prolonged exposure to highly stressful events, acute trauma from simple stressful and dangerous event mostly a onetime event, complex trauma which results from exposure to multiple dramatic events.

    Trauma are the things that happen to us that sometimes we say nothing about. There are certain things we go through that some people handle better than the others. Trigger can be anything. There are somethings that triggers some certain behaviours and it is difficult to anticipate because you don’t know you will react the way you reacted and then you do. A trauma trigger may also be called a trauma stimulus or trauma stresser.

    When God is talking to us about life, He is clear that life is going to be traumatic and certain things are going to happen. You need to take a moment to celebrate the feeling of victory that I am triumphant. Most times, we don’t celebrate our victories although we admit our trauma and identify our trigger. Celebrate your little victories. There is process that ultimately leads to the promise. In the process, you have to learn how to take baby steps and celebrate those steps. What we mostly do is look for somebody to celebrate us, we don’t celebrate ourselves.

    You draw into your life a reflection of who you are. You cannot rejoice till you come to the end of your tears. Get the pain, anger and agony out so that joy can come in. God did bot promise you your plan but His plan. He is bigger than all your suffering and pain.



    Who Died And Left You In Charge : Bishop T.D. Jakes Message

    You can’t be mentored by anybody you don’t have respect for. A mentor inspires, insulates and informs you. It informs you in the sense that you are getting knowledge and insulates you in the sense that there is a wall of protection around. When your mentor goes, you are no longer insulated that is the cold and heat they shielded you from will now get to you. You can’t be mentored by somebody that doesn’t inspire you.

    Paul insulated Timothy from being the one hurt from an attack. Don’t always rush to be in power because it is not good as it looks. When you are at the top, you get the hit, the blows and scratch. Insulation is a result of having a great covering. During mentoring, there should be information responsibility.

    Once insulation is removed, then you are exposed. Independence is overrated. It will come anyway but to get it before you are ready for it is a bad thing. There are two ways to look at a challenge. A challenge can be intimidating or scary. Most people are living a boring, dry and non-challenging life.

    You need to grow into liking the challenge. If you don’t like the challenge, you will avoid the charge. Accept the charge and confront your challenge. You will only grow when you are challenged. Everything you go through in life takes a little bit out of you. Do you live your life knowing that you have an expiration date knowing that you are not always going to be where you are right now?

    It takes everything you have to survive and be productive while you are surviving. Paul left Timothy in charge. Who died and left you in charge? Power is transferred not created from one to another. Somebody has to convey power to you. We are in the middle of changing times and change is uncomfortable. Things become different when there is no insulation. You got to be ready for it.

    As long as the earth remains, there will always be seed time and harvest. The only hard part is to determine which one are you. Watch those people who are in charge because they willl die and leave you in charge.


    Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon 2022 : Grind

    Don’t say you are on the grind when you are not. If you don’t devour when you are young, you will not have anything to divide when you are old. In the morning, devour something throw your whole self at something. You will never know what you can be or do till you throw your whole self at it. Devour it and attack it don’t just try it. Attack it like you are going to kill it and in the evening, divide the spoil.

    We have it backwards today, many want to divide the spoil in the morning and try to blame when they ought to be devouring. Don’t worry whose name you wear when you were young, worry about your name. There is a whole person down inside of you that is dependent on you. It is the person you are going to be in 30 to 40 years from now. Don’t not disappoint that person by being foolish through the strongest years of your life.

    We become what we say to ourselves. If you try something and it did not work, it is okay to try something else. If it is not the thing, it could be the thing that leads to the thing.


    The Silent Sermons Of God – Bishop TD Jakes Message

    We are looking at the decision making process of the potter according to Jeremiah 18 vs 2-9. Whenever God speaks, we know He has verbal integrity. The Word has verbal integrity because God cannot lie. He is able to accomplish whatever He says and He has the ability through His Word to provoke change. If it wasn’t what it was before He said it, it will become what He said after He said it. His Word promotes change.

    God does almost everything by His Word. When God says it, that settles it. There are rimes God doesn’t say anything at all. Many know how to respond and humble themselves when God speaks but what about when God says nothing at all? Is He any less powerful in His silence than He is in His statements? How are we guided through the moments of divine silence?

    The Bible is a collection of moments when God spoke but there were years in between His speaking. His Words are too powerful to be frequent. Most people who talk all the time, their words have no power. When your words have real power, you don’t have to say much because whatever little you are going to say is going to shift the whole thing. Most of the patriarchs of old walked with God for years having God saying nothing at all.

    Can you walk with God in silence? A quote says “he who doesn’t understand your silence will probably not understand your words”. Do you really see or detect the silent sermons of God? God works miracles out of what we overlook. Redemption is a messy business likewise pottery because the potter gets His hands dirty. When God wants to make something out of you, He puts you in the spin cycle. While the clay is spinning, the potter says nothing at all.

    Stop trying to understand the things that just happened. The vessel made of clay was mud in the hands of the potter meaning the vessel got damaged in the process. Everything you have been going through is the silent sermon of God. He still got you in His hands and change is eminent and possible. All things are possible to Him that believes.


    Give Us An Awakening – TD Jakes Sermon 2022

    You are what you are, it doesn’t matter the place you are. It is not about the location but about the unction and perception and understanding who you are in God. God is going to act up in your life. You have a force behind you which is God doing the work. Just because other people minimise you doesn’t mean that God’s presence is not available in your life. You have got to figure out who you are not them trying to figure it out because by the time people will really understand you, you might be dead. Don’t wait for the accolades of men who are confused about what to call you.

    What is going on in the world affects the church because the church is in the world but not of the world just like the church has an effect on the world. We are affected by the environment in which we were planted just like the seed is affected by the soil in which it is placed and the seed affects the soil in like manner.

    Church is a religious set of its community. You must understand the peripheral or you won’t appreciate the predicament. It took so much to get here. People look at you and judge you but don’t realise how much it cost you.

    You can be a rock but a tired rock due to heavy weights or attack. Sometimes when you can’t pray that is when you need someone to help you or pray for you because you are exhausted. Many have settled in uncertainty as if it were normality and made themselves comfortable.

    Once you wake up to who you are, God will manoeuvre you past all the soldiers who have been assigned to you to keep you isolated and you are just going to walk out. Don’t let the enemy find you where you fell asleep. God is going to give you an awakening. God is going to move you from that spot and they will not find you.


    The Greatest Motivation For Your Day : T.D. Jakes Sermons 2022

    It is not the movement of the clock that produces the newness of life. It is the movement in your mind. Everyone is going through a change so you don’t have to be ashamed of your change. Everyone is in the process of transforming to a higher and better expression of themselves. Don’t let the habit from your past stop you from this metamorphosis. What separates us is the possibility of change, desire to evolve, the passion to get up off the ground.

    The real battleground is in the mind because that is where the fight takes place. Stop wasting your weapon on what people say because it is not what they say about you that matters, it is what you say about you that threatens your destiny. You will be defeated by what you say about you. You have greatness in you.

    New life comes from a new mind and a new way of looking at your life. You cannot step into your future and think in your past. Without commitment nothing happens. If you are not committed, you are not going to make it. Believe in the we and us  not in the me and you or you are not going to make it.

    Until you have had the taste of finishing, you will not respect yourself. Don’t be the consequences of what you didn’t get. Don’t give up on your dream. Don’t you do it.


    Knowing In The Noise – Sermon by Bishop TD Jakes

    Jesus paid the sacrifice and we honour the sacrifice. If you know Him in the fellowship of His worship, then you will be honoured in the power of His resurrection. The Bible says the grasping word of God is able to save your soul which means that words that don’t stick don’t stay. If it doesn’t stick, it doesn’t stay and if it doesn’t stay, it doesn’t change anything.

    You have to live in the noise. It goes beyond the volume of the noise. It is the constant living under threat that takes away our peace. We have lost the sense of peace, contentment, wellbeing and the feeling of safety  and it has brought us to a place of loneliness. You got noise in your head, noise brought by anxiety.

    You got to be able to do things in the noise, you have to survive in the noise. You need to not allow the cross to steal the show. Don’t worry about the cross when you have Christ. If you can praise God in tears and death that is that sacrifice of praise. Sometimes the people who think the most of you put most pressure on you. The pressure of people’s expectation will kill you.

    You are not appreciated by people most times because they think you were supposed to do that. How can you be who you are in the middle of the mess you are in? There is a price you must pay for being in the middle but balance is in the middle. You can’t balance anything you can’t settle. Knowing is what you do with noise. When you know what you know, no matter what they say on the left or the right, you already know.

    If God can keep a track of a post, then there is nothing you are facing right now that He doesn’t know. Nothing met Jesus without Him being prepared. God has prepared for what you are dealing with right now.


    God Knows When – Bishop TD Jakes Message 2022

    It is comforting to say God knows when especially I don’t. God knows everything but sometimes He chooses not to share and that brings about the feeling of uncertainty we feel. It is possible to have the information and not disperse it to you for certain reasons.

    You are not at the mercy of your haters or critics but at the mercy of the timing of God. When it is over, you shall come forth as pure gold. Gold don’t burn although it may melt, become soften but it will never burn. In the fire, the dirt burn off but the gold remains. When God tries you and put you in the fire, He is only trying to burn off those things that will weaken your value and you shall come forth as pure gold.

    It is good to know that before you get into any tribulation, God has given you the script of how to get out of it. You will be tried but you are going to suffer. Sometimes God can put a hold because He is getting another set of group ready to deal with your enemy. You have got to live in humility. God has a way of using stuff you haven’t even thought about.

    You are going to sow in tears or suffering but you are going to reap in dancing. God has a when for you. He has a when that got your name on it . Devil can do whatever he wants to do but he can’t keep you in captivity. God has a when which might not come when you wanted it. When you think you can’t take it anymore, you’ve got to stand because God knows when. Don’t give up just stand.

    Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermon : Faithful Wounds

    The founder of Potter’s House church Dallas, Bishop T.D. Jakes has come throough with this wonderful sermon tiitled ”faithful wounds”. Be rest assured that this is a sermon by Bishop Jakes that you would want to listen to.

    Teaching on this sermon, Bishop T.D Jakes started by saying, Have you ever wondered why God takes you through trials? It’s all in service to rebuild you. Your relationships are often hard to form — and if you didn’t have them modeled in front of you, they would be nearly impossible to maintain. But God rectifies this through “wounds” that reinvent how you relate to people and, ultimately, Him. It may sting now, but know that it will help you later. God is training you to trust Him!.

    Kindly watch and listen to this sermon by TD Jakes titled ”the faithful wounds” and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant all your heart desires.

    Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermon :The Dividends of Trust

    Bishop T.D. Jakes of Potter’s House Church Dallas has come through with this wonderful sermon titled ”The Dividends of Trust”.

    Be rest assured that this is one sermon you cannot afford to miss, as it contains a lot of moral lessons particularly on trust and faith in God.

    Bishop Jakes in this sermon started by saying ,” Isn’t it interesting that we have such contradictions in our lives? Despite our massive victories, we have our messed-up vulnerabilities. Our lives may be fragmented, but our God sews the pieces together in congregation with our faith. But for God to make something beautiful out of our lives, we need to trust Him completely. Trust His plan, praise His name, and access the promise He lined up for you from the day of your creation”.

    Kindly make out time to watch and learn from this new sermon by Bishop TD Jakes and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.



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