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Read these 10 Most Inspiring Quotes/ words by Bishop T.D Jakes Everyday of your life

    Bishop T.D. Jakes Quotes 2022 : 

    Here are the best 10 life changing quotes by Bishop TD Jakes  of Potter’s House Church. Read, meditate and apply this in your everyday life. No mater the situation and challenges, remian hopeful, remian positive, fill your mind with the word of God.

    Bishop T.D Jakes Powerful quotes 2022

    1. You were made to be new, not flow from the old. Stop looking back!
    2. Before you step into the promise, God must write his law on the fleshly tablet of your heart.
    3. Don’t allow someone else’s reaction to become your perception.
    4. Stop questioning your adequacy — God chose YOU!
    5. No matter how big the blessing, The Giver is greater!
    6. Who comes into or goes out of your life will not change your destiny. Only God can enlarge you with the same people who betrayed you. Will you let Him?
    7. Let go of the people who only like you when you’re defeated and not elevated
    8. Don’t let your title go to your head — what influence do you have? That’s what God is checking for!
    9. How faithful can you be over the “many” if you’re squandering the “few”? You’ve got to spend wisely!
    10. You do yourself a disservice when you try to be like everyone else. Embrace your uniqueness while having the courage to stand out!

    Source : Bishopt T.D. Jakes Twitter

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