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Amazing pictures of Bishop TD Jakes and Serita Jakes

    Bishop T.D Jakes pictures : The famous preacher, author, film maker and founder of Potters House of Dallas Bishop TD Jakes has made tremendous effort in ensuring the spiritual growth and development of millions of people world wide. His marriage with Serita Jakes remains one of the top admired marriages as it has remained a happy and supportive ones. Despite challenges, bishop TD Jakes has succeeded in guiding his children through the right path of life.

    One good thing about Bishop T.D Jakes marriage with Serita Jakes is that they always take out time to relax and live the expected happy lives of couples. They have never stopped bombarding us with amazing and lovely pictures.

    Below are some of the lovely new pictures of Bishop TD Jakes and the wife Serita Jakes.

    Bishop T.D Jakes pictures

    Image Credit : Bishop TD Jakes instagram

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