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Bishop T.D Jakes Message: The Mysterious Ministry of Snakes

    Bishop T.D Jakes Message The Mysterious Ministry of Snakes – Bishop T.D Jakes shares this message titled “The Mysterious Ministry of Snakes” where he teaches that we often shout that the Lord provides but what happens when we don’t like what He provides? He asked how we cope with feeling stuck between pain and paradise? T.D Jakes reminded us that God created the cure of salvation from the curse of humanity and that cure is Jesus Christ. This message is taken from the Scripture, Numbers 21:1-9 NIV.

    It is worthy of note that T.D Jakes has transformed many lives across the globe through his teachings and lifestyle

    Watch and learn from this message by Bishop T.D Jakes: “The Mysterious Ministry of Snakes” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.
    Credit: Bishop TD Jakes YouTube

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