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See What Bishop TD Jakes Said About His Father On Father’s Day

    The founder of TD Jakes Ministries and Potter’s House Church Dallas, Bishop T.D. Jakes on the father days (Sunday June 18 2023) took to instagram to celebrate his father , Ernest James Jakes.

    Celebrating his father on the 2023 father’s day, Bishop TD Jakes took to instagram to write:

    My father! My childhood hero left a hole in my heart when he passed away. Yet the hole has become an artesian well! Many thanks for what you had to give! You died providing for my future! I hope you would be proud of the man I have become. Neither of us were flawless, but both of us were better men because of the other! I’m older than you ever lived, but I will always miss you! I bought one of the houses, you bragged about cleaning. But, it was only because you scrubbed their floors. I learned my work ethic from you, my entrepreneurial spirit and my kind heart are all on loan to me from your “no non sense” way of thinking!

    Can’t wait to get to heaven I hope to DANCE WITH MY FATHER AGAIN! Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

    About Bishop T.D. Jakes Father Ernest James Jakes:

    Bishop T.D. Jakes’s father, Ernest James Jakes, played a significant role in shaping the life and ministry of his renowned son. While T.D. Jakes is widely known as a prominent pastor, author, and motivational speaker, his father’s influence laid the foundation for his spiritual journey and the impactful work he does today.

    Ernest James Jakes, affectionately known as “Daddy Jakes,” was born in Vandalia, West Virginia, in the United States. He grew up in a time when racial segregation and discrimination were pervasive, and opportunities for African Americans were limited. Despite the challenges, Daddy Jakes was determined to build a better future for himself and his family.

    He embraced the Christian faith and instilled in young T.D. Jakes a deep reverence for God and the importance of prayer, faith, and perseverance. Daddy Jakes was a man of faith, integrity, and humility, whose devotion to God and commitment to his family left an indelible mark on his son’s life.

    As a child, T.D. Jakes witnessed his father’s unwavering faith, watching him seek God’s guidance in every aspect of his life. Daddy Jakes’s example of seeking God’s wisdom and trusting in His providence served as a powerful lesson for T.D. Jakes, shaping his own journey of faith and ministry.

    While Daddy Jakes may not have achieved the same level of public recognition as his son, his influence on T.D. Jakes’s spiritual growth and development cannot be understated. His encouragement and support propelled T.D. Jakes to pursue his calling, and his guidance helped mold him into the influential preacher and teacher he is today.

    Daddy Jakes’s legacy lives on through his son’s ministry, where T.D. Jakes continues to touch lives, inspire millions, and bring hope to those in need. The teachings of T.D. Jakes reflect the values and principles instilled in him by his father, as he seeks to empower individuals to overcome obstacles, find their purpose, and experience God’s transformative love.

    Ernest James Jakes’s influence extends beyond his immediate family, as his son’s ministry reaches people from all walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds. Daddy Jakes’s quiet strength and unwavering faith serve as a reminder that the impact of a loving father can reverberate through generations, shaping the lives of countless individuals.

    Though Ernest James Jakes may have departed from this earthly realm, his spirit lives on through the profound impact he had on his son’s life and ministry. His legacy is one of faith, perseverance, and the power of a father’s love and guidance.

    In the hearts of those who admire Bishop T.D. Jakes, Daddy Jakes’s memory remains a cherished part of the story, a reminder that the faith and dedication of a parent can inspire greatness and shape destinies. May his life continue to be a source of inspiration for generations to come.

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