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See How Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts celebrated her father’s birthday

    Bishop T.D Jakes 65th birthday : Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has taken to instagram to celebrate her father, Bishopm T.D. jakes of Potters House church who clocked 65 years old on the 9th June 2022.

    Celebrating her father on his birthday, Pastor Sarah Jakes took to instagram to write :

    I wonder if this is what it feels like to be you? Drawn into waters deeper than you can swim, but still trusting the compass within. I wonder if this is what it’s like to be you? Standing tall and strong as forces come, trusting that God would teach you how to stand up when you could’ve fallen down. I wonder if you felt lonely going first, but still determined to blaze the trail. I wonder if you realized you weren’t just standing in the water, but God was making you our ship. Carrying us over troubled water. Praying us through every storm. The truth is you were born an ocean and deep called unto deep. Now, sixty-five years later it is clear that you don’t just stand in the ocean. You have become the ocean. Deep, complex, fascinating, and brimming with life. May this birthday, and the years to come, expose you to the depths of God’s love and brilliance concerning you. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you so much.

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