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Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr Of Bethel Institutional Baptist Church: Biography, date of birth, wife, children, nationality etc

    Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr Of Bethel Institutional Baptist Church – The Senior Pastor of Bethel Institutional Church in the person of Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr is a notable man known around the United States of America as a man of God.

    As regards to the family of Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr, is married to Kimberly Joy Nicholas and which the union produced three children: Janai, Jocelyn and Joshua.

    In 1995, Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr came back to Bethel Institutional Church to aid his father Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Sr in superintending the church and which he latter stepped into his father’s shoes as the pastor in charge of Bethel Institutional Church, Florida.

    However, since the inception of the leadership of Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr, the Bethel Institutional Baptist Church is now known with the appellation Bethel Experience and Bethel Experience entails a worship that is often recognized for its gaiety, multifariousness and energy. The preaching of Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr, has transformed the church to a place where people worship.

    Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr taking the charismatic nature and an influential prelate, has been hosted in myriads of national ministry forums, such as the famous Hampton University Ministers and Musicians Conference. Also, he has been hosted at John Malcus Ellison, Conference Preacher in the evening and has also been admitted as a member to the Morehouse School of Religion of Board of Preachers.

    In Dayton, Ohio, precisely United Theological Seminary, Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr   he served as a professor in the position of doctoral mentor. In the aforementioned school, the students he taught were students who are looking forward to obtain Doctor of Ministry degree and which is the students are in a learning groups, where is more of a mentor, than a teacher. A total of five doctoral classes have graduated under Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr in United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio.

    Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr being talented in music, has led the prelate, to produce five CD’s and also encourage the Worship Mass Choir of Bethel Institutional Church.

    The Americans seriously praised the work of Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr in the five CD.s and which prompted the prelate to title; The Right Place’ and which is featuring on the billboard chat as number 5 and the recovery debut as number 2.

    Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr as a consummate musician, that has plethora of highly praised music design is also an author of many inspirational books.

    Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr like his father, also served in public capacity, such as National Action Newtwork, initiated by Rev Al Sharpton, where he was a member.

    The life of Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr is that of testimony and of a conqueror, not just having survived postarte cancer, but he was undergone a twelve-hour spinal fusion surgery, where the doctors intimated him that he won’t be able to do his best hobby, which is singing, due to his vocal chords that were affected.

    As regards to the educational background of Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr, holds certificates in music from Jacksonville University and which are: Sacred Church Music, with a minor in pipe organ performance and Opera. At Virginia Union University, De Witt Proctor School of Religion precisely, he obtained Master of Divinity Degree.  Also, from United Theological Seminary, the prelate obtained his Doctor of Ministry Degree.

    Also, the duo of Virginia Union University and Bethune Cookman University, has given the unique prelate an honorary award of Doctor of Divinity. However, just like his father, he is also a member pf Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Inc and also Sigma Pi Phi Boule.

    Bishop Rudolph W. Mckissick Jr, having being diagnosed with a prostate cancer, advised other African-American men to get themselves tested, because medical practitioners opined that such sickness is always seen among African-American, that is above forty.

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