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Bishop Dale Bronner Sermon: Transcend

    Bishop Dale Bronner Sermon Transcend: Watch Bishop Dale Bronner Sermon ”Transcend”. The lead pastor Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral shares this sermon by Bishop Dale Bronner titled “Transcend” is a sermon you will love to listen to.

    In this sermon, Bishop Bronner taught from the book of Nehemiah in the old testament chapter four verse one through nine. According to Bishop Dale, transcending is about rising above what’s trying to get you down. There are a lot of things in this world that come to try to get you down and to think that if you give your heart to Jesus you won’t have any more trouble; that’s not quite how it goes.

    Life comes with hardships and challenges, it’s just the way it is. Problems are normal to life and they go with the territory. If you’re alive you’re going to have some issues … relational issues, political issues, psychological challenges, financial challenges health challenges and others.

    Video Credit: Woffamily YouTube

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