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Bishop Clarence McClendon: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, & Net Worth

    Bishop Clarence McClendon Biography

    Bishop Clarence E. McClendon is a renowned American gospel artist, pastor of Full Harvest International Church located in Los Angeles, California, and the director of Harvest Fire Mega Mass Choir, a gospel worship team that appears with him on the Trinity Broadcast Network, BET, and at Harvest Fire Conferences, which are among the largest religious conferences in the world. Bishop Clarence started his music career in 2000, with the release of Shout Hallelujah.

    Bishop McClendon was born on June 7, 1965, in Decatur, Illinois. His parents are Levi McClendon and Miriam McClendon.  He began preaching and leading church at 15. By the time he was 19, he accepted his first pastorate position.

    In 1991, he relocated to Los Angeles to become the pastor of West Adams Foursquare Church, which he renamed Church of the Harvest in 1995. In 1997, he began working as a televangelist.

    Bishop Clarence McClendon Biography

    Bishop Clarence McClendon Age

    Clarence McClendon was born on the 7th day of June 1965 in Decatur, Illinois. Accordingly, he is 57 years old (2022). McClendon markrs his birthday on the 7th of June every year.

    Bishop Clarence McClendon Family Life

    Bishop McClendon was married to Tammera McClendon (Bishop Clarence McClendon first wife). They divorced after 16 years of marriage and this led to the termination of his record deal with Integrity Music.  He later got marriade to his current wife Priscilla McClendon, formerly Priscilla Delgado.

    Bishop Clarence McClendon

    Clarence McClendon Ministry

    As earlier stated, Bishop Clarence is both a pastor and a gospel singer.

    He began preaching at age of fifteen. He assumed his first pastorate position at age of 19 and today, serves as the Prophet and Teacher of Full Harvest International Church, “The Place of Grace”, a growing global, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual congregation situate in the Los Angeles area of California and in the Atlanta area of Georgia.
    His music career began in 2000, with the album Shout Hallelujah, that released on April 18, 2000, by Integrity Music. This was placed at the No. 9 position on the Billboard Gospel Albums chart, and it was on that chart for 24 weeks. He is the co-ordinator of Harvest Fire Mega Mass Choir.

    Bishop McClendon, recognized as a prophet and an apostle to the nations, fulfills the Apostolic and Prophetic Call to the Nations of the Earth through Healing Crusades and Conferences, ministering Jesus Christ’s Healing Grace and Miracle Anointing.

    in addition to being pastor of Full Harvest International Church located in Los Angeles, California, he is the director of Harvest Fire Mega Mass Choir.

    Clarence E. McClendon Ministries (CEMM) is the creator and president of an Umbrella business based in the United States. The ministry also sponsors monthly and weekly television broadcast:  A Miracle for You and Your Time For Miracles with Bishop Clarence E. McClendon, which Bishop McClendon is able to respectively fulfill the prophetic mandate to share the word of God while bringing the miracle anointing and healing grace of Jesus of Nazareth to people around the world. Remarkably, about 350 million homes have access to CEMM broadcasts throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. As part of CEMM, the Full Harvest Network of Churches, Ministries and Entrepreneurs offer men and women of God the opportunity to connect with Bishop McClendon’s apostolic call by formally recognizing him as their spiritual father in the ministry and in kingdom enterprise.

    They broadcast CEMM in over 350 million homes across the world, especially in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

    In addition, Bishop McClendon is the founder of Siloam Bible College and the Clarence E. McClendon Leadership Institute.

    Clarence McClendon Songs

    As earlier stated, Bishop McClendon is a renowned and talented gospel singer who has got many songs to his credit.
    Some of Bishop McClendon’s spirit lifting songs include:

    Came To Magnify Thy Lord (Intro Spoken Word)
    I Came To Magnify The Lord
    There Is A Fountain
    Hour of Visitation
    Let The Rain Of Your Presence
    Holy Spirit We Now Wait On Thee
    All Hail The Power
    Shout Hallelujah
    We Have Come To Glory
    Medley: Jump Great And Mighty Is He
    I Call You Faithful
    I Offer My Life
    Lord, You Are Welcome
    May The Lord Bless You Real Good

    Bishop McClendon BOOKS

    Bishop McClendon is also an author, and he has two published works to his credit. The two books are

    Beyond Personal Power (2003)
    The X Blessing (2000)
    A Word From The Watchman
    The Finish Was Just The Beginning
    It Is A Matter Of The Heart
    The Best Is Upon You
    Believing In Him Who Raised Him
    Shaken Into A New Covenant
    The Summoning Of God
    The End Of The Ages
    The Temple And The House Of The New Covenant
    The Place of grace: A Correction of Destiny
    Net Worth
    reports have estimated Bishop McClendon to be worth about $5 million

    Bishop McClendon Net worth

    McClendon has an estimated net worth of $5 million. His income is mainly from his successful career as a singer and pastor. Information relationg to Bishop Clarence McClendon salary is currently unknown. We are however still scouting for that and will have same updated as soon as discovered.

    Bishop Clarence McClendon daughter

    Bishop Clarence has a daughter named Taylre who got married in 2014. Also note that Bishop Clarence has a total of 3 sons including Seth. He shares 3 with Tammera his first wife and one with his second wife Priscilla.

    Clarence Mcclendon son

    Bishop Clarence McClendon parents

    Clarence is born to Rev. Dr. H. Levi McClendon and Jr and Miriam Jean McClendon in June 7 1965. Both parents are late.

    Bishop McClendon Social Media Contacts

    You can contact and link up with Bishop McClendon via any of the below mentined social media contacts:

    Instagram: @bishopmcclendon

    Twitter: @BishopMcClendon

    Facebook: @Bishop Clarence E. McClendon

    YouTube: @Bishop Clarence McClendon.


    Summary of Bishop Clarence McClendon Bio

    Full name : Bishop Clarence McClendon

    Date of birth/birthday/age : Born 7 June 1965. 57 years old (2022).

    Place of birth: Decatur, Illinois USA

    Parents : Rev. Dr. H. Levi McClendon and Jr and Miriam Jean McClendon.

    Spouse : Tammera McClendon (fisrt wife, divorced after 16 years). Currently married to Priscilla.

    Daughter: Taylre

    Occupation : Pastor, author and gospel singer.

    Net worth : Approximately $5 million

    Church : Full Harvest International Church located in Los Angeles, California


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