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Biography of Pastor Javon Ruff

    The word of God remains one of the top messages in major countries worldwide. It has recorded a massive awareness in several locations through different ministers and pastors all around through their continual hard work and determination.

    Biography of Pastor Javon Ruff

    Javon Ruff
    Javon Ruff
    Background Information
    Full Name: Javon Ruff
    Gender Male
    Place of Birth: United States
    Nationality: American
    Net Worth
    Occupation: Pastor

    Pastor Javon Ruff is an evangelist and campus pastor at the Free Chapel in Spartanburg. He is popularly known for his messages which are mainly displayed through the Free Chapel platform. Pastor Javon Ruff has released a lot of exciting and impactful messages of the word of God.


    Pastor Javon Ruff is estimated to be between his late 40s and early 50s.

    Early Life And Education

    Pastor Javon Ruff was born in Tocca, Georgia. He grew up in his hometown of Tocca and was trained mainly to exhibit the character of his Christian parents. Pastor Javon Ruff attended Stephens County High School for his secondary education. Aside from this, there isn’t much information on his educational programs.

    Personal Life

    Pastor Javon Ruff married Shana Brown Ruff on the 25th of August, 2001. Their union is blessed with two children, Sydri Ruff, and Jacob Ruff.


    Pastor Javon Ruff has been in the ministerial business for many years after his education. Currently, he serves as a campus pastor at Free Chapel, mainly based in Spartanburg.

    Pastor Javon Ruff has quite some responsibility under the Free Chapel church, which is well recognized in the United States, with several houses of worship in Georgia, Braselton, Atlanta, Gainesville, Cumming, and Gwinnett.

    His preachings and messages are usually broadcast on several media platforms where the church boast of a large number of followers as well as viewers. Some of his messages include The Great Physician, The Altar Is Not An Option, and The Preceding of Gratitude.

    Net Worth of Pastor Javon Ruff

    Pastor Javon Ruff’s net worth is currently undisclosed.

    Social Media

    Pastor Javon Ruff is active on Instagram with the handle name @javonruff, on Facebook with the username Javon Ruff, and on Twitter with the handle name @JavonRuff.

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