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Biography of Pastor Brenda Todd

    Numerous individuals have been active in the gathering and winning of souls all over the globe. They have in one way or another contributed massively and greatly to the success of the gospel in different locations around the world.

    Biography of Pastor Brenda Todd

    Pastor Brenda Todd
    Background Information
    Full Name: Brenda Todd
    Gender Female
    Born: 1957
    Place of Birth:
    Spouse Pastor Tommy Todd
    Net Worth
    Occupation: Pastor

    Pastor Brenda Todd is a gospel minister and the wife of Pastor Tommy Todd. She is the co-founder of Gap Standers International which is a ministry that fully commits itself to teaching various life skills and providing relief assistance to encourage people to pray continually.


    Pastor Brenda Todd is 65 years old.

    Early Life And Education

    Pastor Brenda Todd was born in 1957, aside from this, there isn’t much information on her early life and family. But she is said to have spent the majority of her life in Tusla with her husband, Pastor Tommy Todd due to their involvement in numerous ministerial activities.

    Brenda Todd attended Grambling State University, a place where she famously met her would-be husband, Pastor Tommy Todd.

    Personal Life

    Pastor Brenda Todd is married to Pastor Tommy Todd with whom she co-founded the Gap Standers International.


    Pastor Brenda Todd and her husband Pastor Tommy Todd have been active in prayer ministry for over 20 years. Since they met in a gospel group while on campus, they have devoted the majority of their time and resources to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and winning souls.

    Before working as a couple, Pastor Brenda Todd and her husband, Pastor Tommy Todd worked with Bishop Carlton Pearson while helping to establish the Higher Dimension Ministries and the Azuba Conferences.

    In 1999, Pastor Brenda Todd and her husband, Pastor Tommy Todd started the Gap Standers International, a church that focuses on prayer, and also Gethseminary Institute, a -2year prayer school

    In 2008, she joined her husband in forming the “Spirit and Truth Prayer and Worship Center” in East Tusla.

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