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Biography Of Dante Gebel

    The word of God has significantly impacted many individuals into spreading its knowledge in various locations around the world. This has increased the number of pastors and ministers who have contributed greatly to the ministerial work progressing and getting better.

    Biography Of Dante Gebel

    Dante Gebel
    Dante Gebel
    Background Information
    Full Name: Dante Gebel
    Gender Male
    Born: 6 July 1968 (age 54 years),
    Place of Birth: Billinghurst, Argentina
    Nationality: Argentina
    Spouse Liliana Gebel
    Net Worth
    Occupation: Argentine writer, Pastor, Talk Show host

    Dante Gebel is a famous Argentine pastor, writer, TV personality, and talk show host for many years. He is a pastor at the River Church in Anaheim, California, and is best known for hosting the “Dante Night Show” on TV Azteca.


    Dante Gebel is 54 years of age.

    Early Life And Education

    Dante Gebel was born on the 6th of July, 1968 in Billinghurst, Buenos Aires, Argentina to Federico Gebel and Nelly Stokie de Gebel. He grew up in Argentina with his parent while positively gaining a lot of knowledge before fully committing to the ministerial business. There is no information on the schools and the educational qualifications which Dante Gebel has achieved.

    Personal Life

    Dante Gebel is married to Liliana Gebel and together they have 4 children namely Megan Gebel, Kevin Gebel, Jason Gebel, and Brian Gebel.


    Dante Gebel has been in ministerial business for a long time with active fellowship and holding a pastoral position at the Hispanic Church in California between 2009 to 2012. Thereafter, the congregation was moved to the Anaheim Convention Center and later renamed “Favorday Church”.

    Dante Gebel is highly regarded as a strong man of God whose words have changed many lives; his messages are such that is been fueled and directed by the divine inspiration of God for the church.

    Dante Gebel is currently a pastor at the megachurch River Church predominantly in Anaheim, California. In addition to his ministerial career, he is a famous and uniquely talented author of numerous books which include Marea Baja, Low Tide, Position De Multitudes, and Destinado al éxito amongst others.

    Net Worth

    Dante Gebel has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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