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Billy Graham Daily Devotional November 3 2021 – Heart Trouble

    Billy Graham Daily Devotional November 3 2021 

    Theme: Heart Trouble

    We all know there is no such thing as absolute freedom. We cannot drive down the street at 100 miles an hour. You can’t swing your fist at me, because your freedom stops at the end of my nose. We can say that we want freedom to publish pornography, to push harmful drugs, to have unrestricted sex, to lie, to cheat; but if we continue with that kind of permissive freedom, we shall destroy ourselves.

    Man can remain free only so long as he has the moral power to restrain his appetites. Basically, our problem is heart trouble. Our hearts need to be changed … peace will never come until we have changed human nature, until people begin loving each other instead of hating each other.


    Prayer for the day

    I need Your guidelines in my life, Lord. Loving You frees me from the bondage of my carnal appetite.

    Credit: above is a short daily devotional by Late Evangelist Billy Graham titled ”Heart trouble” as contained in Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website ”billygraham,org

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