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Billy Graham daily devotional December 18 2021

    Theme : The Finished Work

    A person is saved by trusting in the finished work of Christ on the cross, and not by bodily sensations and religious ecstasy. But you will say, “What about feeling? Is there no place in saving faith for feeling?”

    Certainly, there is room for feeling in saving faith. But we are not saved by it. Whatever feeling there may be is the result of saving faith, but feeling never saved a single soul. Love is feeling. Joy is feeling.

    Inward peace is feeling. Love for others is a feeling. Concern for the lost is a feeling. But these feelings are not conversion. The one experience that you can look for and expect is the experience of believing in Christ.

    Prayer for the day

    Thank You, Lord, for Your gift of redemption, which does not fluctuate like my feelings.

    Credit for daily devotionals by Billy Graham of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association under the supervision of Will Graham:


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