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Pastor Bill Johnson Biography, Church and Family life

    Who is Bill Johnson?  Pastor Bill Johnson who was born on 18th July, 1951 , is the founder of Bethel Church and  is popularly known as a fifth generation pastor.  Pastor Bill Johnson is the presiding Pastor of a charismatic mega church, known as Bethel Church, in Redding California.

    Pastor Bill Johnson

    Pastor Bill Johnson being a charismatic personality, increased the congregants of Bethel Church from two thousand, in 1996, when he began to preside over Bethel church to eleven thousand in 2019.

    Pastor Bill Johnson is widely acknowledged as true man of God, that is widely known to be the principal of Christian and church movement, that centres on Holy spirit and Miracles.

    Bill Johnson Age / Date Of Birth / Birthday

    How old is Bill Johnson?

    When was Bill Johnson born?

    Pastor Bill Johnson was born on the 18th July, 1951. Accordingly, as of 2021, Bill Johnson is 70 years old. Pastor Bill Johnson birthday comes up on the 18th day of July every year.

    Bill John family


    He is the son of Melvin Earl Johnson who was Ordained to ministry Assemblies of God Church, 1950. Trustee Bethany College, Santa Cruz, since 1978. His mother is known as Darliene Joyce Morken.


    Johnson was also raised together with his siblings; Robert Anthony Johnson, Robert Anthony Johnson, and Wendi Lee Johnson.

    Pastor Bill Johnson, has some level of control over Charismatic Christians in the World. Pastor Bill Johnson came to Bethel Church with a vision of improving the relationship of the congregants of Bethel with God, which he termed ‘Revival’ and which he put major prominence of God’s divine presence. However, based on the aforementioned vision of Pastor Bill Johnson, some of the congregants that weren’t comfortable with the vision left.

    It is apposite to mention, that when Bethel Church was part of Assemblies of God, before breaking out, between 1968 to 1982, M. Earl Johnson, the father of Pastor Bill Johnson, was the presiding pastor of Bethel church.

    Pastor Bill Jonson, together with the wife, were presiding Pastors of Mountain Chapel from 1978 to 1996 in Weaverville, California
    On same sex marriage, abortion, open borders and other sensitive topics, Pastor Bill Johnson, has taken popular conventional position. Pastor Bill  Johnson,  being an author has written plethora of books and also a touring speaker, who has been hosted in myriads of media outlets.

    In 1987, Pastor Bill Johnson, faced one of the coherent disappointments in his life, when he attended a conference, that was hosted by John Wimber and which its theme was signs and wonders and which objective of the conference was centred on revival of healing, which was one of the core essence of Pastor Bill Johnson preaching. Pastor Bill Johnson, left the conference disappointed, because the same theme of object of Wimber was also his line of preaching, but the result he saw was intensely different. Pastor Bill Johnson opined that the disappointment changed his perception and brought in a new one that faith is premised on risk. However, with the aforementioned new perception, myriads of healing miracles bean to take place at Bethel Church.
    Also, in 1995, Pastor Bill Johnson went to Toronto for a meeting on Revival and he remembered gaining from God from those meetings, a new touch and which centred his work in God’ vineyard on the gits of the spirit and Holy spirit.

    Pastor Bill Johnson, in 1998, together with Kris Vallotton, an associate leader in Bethel Church began Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, which the modus operandi of the school are centred on coaching and teaching students of the school to be revivalist. The students in the school are estimated at two thousand from fifty-seven countries.

    Notably, there are plethora of programmes of which Pastor Bill Johnson has been hosted, such as: Holy Ghost and Father of Lights which were the productions of Darren Wilson.

    Also, in Pastor Bill Johnson, has also been hosted in myriads of Christian Broadcasting networks. Also, in 201y6 on the front cover of Charisma Magazine, Pastor Bill Johnson was featured. He was also hosted in October, 2016, on sid roth’s it’s supernatural in October, 2016.

    Furthermore, in Pastor Bill Johnson in a programme, American Gospel Christ Alone as an influential person in the Prosperity Gospel movement. Pastor Bill Johnson centralizing his preaching on divine miracles as affirmation of salvation has made people to severely criticise him.

    Pastor Bill Johnson, was a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, on the premise of the fact that the policy of Donald Trump on open boarders, welfare system, same sex marriage, socialism, political correctness and globalization are in tandem with his own, the wife of Pastor Bill Johnson, in the person of Beni Johnson, is also in firm support of President Donald Trump.

    Pastor Bill Johnson is in strong opposition to homosexuality, which he termed violation of design, which is a sin.

    As an author, Pastor Bill Johnson has written myriads o books, such as: The Supernatural Power of Transformed mind, When Heavens Invades Earth Devotional and Journal, dreaming with God, Shifting Shadow of Supernatural Power: A Prophetic manual for those Wanting to Move in God’s Supernatural

    Bill Johnson Wife

    Pastor Bill Johnson is happily married to Brenda Johnson. The Union is blessed with three children, namely: Leah, Eric and Brian. Brian Johnson Brian Johnson who happens to be an American contemporary worship musician and worship pastor. Brian is also the president and co-founder of Bethel Music.

    Bill Johnson and Brenda Johnson

    Pastor Bill Johnson children

    Bill Johnson marriage with Brenda Johnson is blessed with three children, namely: Leah, Eric and Brian. Brian Johnson.

    Brian Johnson happens to be an American contemporary worship musician and worship pastor. Brian is also the president and co-founder of Bethel Music.

    Bill Johnson parents

    He is the son of Melvin Earl Johnson who was Ordained to ministry Assemblies of God Church, 1950. Trustee Bethany College, Santa Cruz, since 1978. His mother is known as Darliene Joyce Morken.

    Bill Johnson Salary

    Information about Johnson’s salary are not yet disclosed, we are still scouting for information about Bill salary and his sources of income and will update same as soon as it is made available.

    Bill Johnson Net Worth

    As of 2022. Pastor Johnson of Bethel Church , has an estimated net worth of $1 which he million to $5 million has earned through his successful and devoted career as a pastor.


    Bill Johnson Books

    • When Heaven Invades Earth (Destiny Image Publishers, 2003)
    • The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind (Destiny Image Publishers, 2005)
    • When Heaven Invades Earth Devotional & Journal (Destiny Image Publishers, August 2005)
    • Shifting Shadow of Supernatural Power: A Prophetic Manual for Those Wanting to Move in God’s Supernatural Power (co-author) (Destiny Image Publishers, August 2006)
    • Dreaming With God (Destiny Image, December 2006)
    • The Supernatural Ways of Royalty (co-author) (Destiny Image Publishers, 2006)
    • The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind 40-Day Devotional and Personal Journal (Destiny Image, September 2006)
    • Here Comes Heaven!: A Kid’s Guide to God’s Supernatural Power (co-author) (Destiny Image, October 2007)
    • Face to Face with God (Charisma House, 2007)
    • Strengthen Yourself in The Lord (Destiny Image Publishers, 2007)
    • A Life of Miracles: A 365-day guide to prayer and miracles (Destiny Image, February 2008)
    • Strengthen Yourself in the Lord (Audio Book) (Destiny Image, February 2008)
    • Release the Power of Jesus
    • The Essential Guide to Healing (co-author) (Chosen Books, 2011)
    • Hosting the Presence (Destiny Image Publishers, 2012)
    • Experience the Impossible (Chosen Books, 2014)
    • Defining Moments (Whitaker House, 2016)
    • God is Good (Destiny Image Publishers, 2016)
    • The Way of Life (Destiny Image Publishers, 2018)

    Bill Johnson Sermon

    Johnson has remained devoted in his effort to ensure the spread of the Gospel. He has through his sermons, devotionals, Sunday services and books impacted in the lives of so many people world wide.

    Some of his inspiring sermons includes

    Bill Johnson Sermon God is Good: He’s Better Than You Think

    “God is Good.” More than a positive idea, religious idea, or Biblical articulation—what you do with these three words characterizes your world and decides your predetermination.

    In a universe of dread, sickness, emergency, torment, vulnerability, and misery, what you accept about God’s decency uncovers how you will react to the preliminaries and conditions of regular day to day existence. Your perspective on God impacts everything!

    Bill Johnson exhibits his new notable book that calls devotees to fabricate their lives on one unshakeable establishment: the confirmation that God is Good.

    One gets to Figure out how to Obviously perceive the distinction between the desire of God and the foe’s arrangements, unhesitatingly appeal to God for leap forward, accept for supernatural occurrences, and have confidence for God to move, regardless of what comes against you and discover rest in God’s constant character and grasp the estimation of puzzle… in any event, when petitions aren’t quickly replied.

    In addition, one gets to Learn how to Find God’s integrity in both Old and New Testaments, experience Jesus Christ as immaculate philosophy—the One who uncovers a decent Father, band together with Heaven to discharge extraordinary answers for a world in disarray and lastly how to fabricate their lifes on the strong establishment of God’s decency and experience new domains of extraordinary reasoning that carry Heaven to Earth, changing the climate around them!

    Bill Johnson Sermon When Heaven Invades Earth

    This book is a confidence developer. It moves each adherent to stroll in extraordinary signs and ponders as a characteristic piece of regular daily existence.

    Anybody can stroll in the extraordinary – even you! In the event that you’ve at any point needed to live and stroll in the extraordinary intensity of God, here’s your opportunity! It is genuinely workable for human individuals to stroll in the perfect, and Christ came to show us the way. It is by rediscovering our actual character in Him that we can start to move into the guarantees of God with respect to the supernatural.

    Bill Johnson not just shows the otherworldly, he gives it by changing the manner in which we think. In the event that you are not strolling in the inexplicable, you’re living far beneath your claim! By laying a deliberately developed scriptural establishment for strolling in the otherworldly intensity of God, When Heaven Invades Earth gives all the gear you have to encounter supernatural occurrences consistently.


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      Who is Johnson?

      He is an American Christian minister and evangelist and the founder and senior pastor of Bethel Church.

      How old is Johnson?

      He is 70 years old as of 2021

      Is Johnson married?

      He is married to his lovely wife, Brenda “Beni” Johnson.

      How much is Johnson worth?

      Johnson has an estimated net worth of $1 to $5 Million

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