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Jesus is Perfect Theology – Bill Johnson Sermon

    Bill Johnson sermon Jesus is Perfect Theology  : Jesus is the perfect manifestation of the father and he is eternally God. As God in the flesh he illustrates the father. Jesus, still God became man to set an example that could be followed. Jesus came to die and destroy the works of sin, just like any other father would do, irrespective of the opposition, or what anyone thinks.

    In the passage of the adulterous woman, we see Jesus representing the father, so powerfully and purely, he wasn’t excusing sin or ignoring sin, he just let kindness lead the repentance and right in the moment he displayed the father, its also our responsibility here on earth to display what God is like. We should see God as our father and not just a judge for the righteous.

    In John chapter 10, Jesus said if you do not believe in me, believe in the miracle, he wasn’t trying to tell us that the miracles were greater reality, but he was trying to say if for any reason you are struggling to believe in his teachings, you can look at his miracles and the miracles will lead you back to him and he will point you back to the father. Jesus was always trying to reconcile us to the father.

    We invite you to watch the full video to hear bill Johnson and Damn Farelly discuss in depth what it means when we say Jesus is perfect theology.



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