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BILL JOHNSON-Fervent prayers – Sunday Service – Weekend Bethel Service.

    BILL JOHNSON-Fervent prayers – Sunday Service – Weekend Bethel Service : Both the religious and the political spirit is governed by the fear of men, they are both manipulated by corporate public opinion, that’s why before we select leaders of any sort, whether for the church or political leaders, we should pray that they are capable of looking past the fear of men or public opinion and making decisions based on the values of God. We need courageous leaders that know how to make decisions based on what God values and based on what’s right and wrong.

    When peter was arrested by herod, constant prayers was offered to God by the church, though peter wasn’t the only one that was prayed for, this particular prayer for peter was recorded because the lord took note of the fervency and consistency of the prayer.

    A lot of people have this notion that what ever happens is the will of God and hence they are okay it. The thing is, God can use anything or situation to work, but it doesn’t mean that he orchestrates everything. He is big enough to reverse the effect of martyrdom. Often times what we are missing in the realm of breakthrough is fervent prayers. The lord answers all kinds of prayers, short prayers, simple prayers, long prayers, sometimes even a passing thought. You can pray from a place of pain, you can even pray when you are angry and the lord still hears. The most important thing is consistency, you can start the prayers angry but do not remain there, pray until you come into a place where you can sense and taste the heart of God because that’s where the break through begins.

    Many persons use prayers as a complaint session. Though prayer is when you make an exchange with God, it could be your sorrows for his everlasting joy. Whenever you pray, you are supposed to feel a change.

    In the bible, Jesus said come to me you who are weary and heavy laden and I would give you rest, there is an exchange. Fervent prayer is not prayer to ease our conscience, its the kind of prayer that lives from the conviction that Gods will must be done.



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