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Everything You Need To Know About Pastor Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Community Church

    Bill Hybels Net Worth

    Bill Hybels is the Senior of Willow Creek Community Church, an indigene of the United States and a very revered author.

    Bill Hybels is an American church figure and author. He is the founding and former senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois,

    The Willow Church in North America, is very popular, with a large congregation. The congregation of the Willow Church in North America, was estimated in 2018 to be twenty-four thousand.

    Pastor Bill Hybels

    Bill Hybels Age, Date of Birth and Birthday

    Pastor Bill Hybels was born on December 12, 1952, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It has been posited that Pastor Bill Hybels is a Dutch-American. Accordingly, he is 69 years old (as of 2021). He celebrates his birthday on the 12th day of December every year.

    Also., as Pastor Bill Hybels was growing up, he was a member of the Christian  Reformed Church in North America and which belongs to Calvinist Theology. It is important that the farther of Pastor Bill Hybels, was dealing on whole sale produce and of which his truthfulness in business, structured Pastor Bill Hybels ethically. In other words the father of Pastor Bill Hybels, was his role model.

    Pastor Bill Hybels gave his life Christ when he had an encounter at Wisconsin summer camp as a teenager and which he made available to Chicago tribune in the year 2006.

    Bill Hybels Educational Background

    Notably, Pastor Bill Hybels is a graduate of biblical studies, from the reputable University of Trinity International that is close to Chicago. Added to the feat achieved by Pastor Bill Hybels, he was honoured with the Doctor of Divinity from Trinity International University/

    Bill Hybels wife /Family

    Bill Hybels is married to  Lynne Hybels in 1974 and they have three children: Shauna, Niequist and Todd Hybels.

    Pastor Bill Hybels in addition to the Willow Greek Community Church, also established Willow Creek Association and Global Leadership Summit.

    Historically, in the seventies, when Pastor Bill Hybels, was a student at the Trinity International University, his then lecturer in the person of Bilezikian Gilbert, dared the class Acts-2 based church and this singular challenge ensnared Pastor Bill Hybels, to toe the path of ministry to business like his father.

    Precisely, in 1971, Pastor Bill Hybels having being challenged by the words of Bilezikian Gilbert proceeded to South park Church, which is in Park Ridge, Illinois, where he served as the Youth pastor of the church.

    Pastor Bill Hybels and his peer, Dave Holmbo established a youth group which they named ‘Son City. The aforementioned group which started with twenty-five persons rose to one thousand two hundred, within a space of five years.

    Son City, established by Pastor Bill Hybels was basically made of programmes like dramatic skits, Modern music a nd multimedia, which are put together with Bible studies, which are done in the language of which all the members are likely to understand.

    Also, in May 1974, in the course of his harvesting of souls for God, in South Park Church, an estimated number of three hundred youth queued up to give their life to Christ, in other words to be saved. The aforementioned single act of the vibrant youths motivated and boosted the morale of Pastor Bill Hybels, to establish a church.

    In furtherance of their opening a church, Pastor Bill Hybels did an independent survey, to identify the rationale behind the abstinence of the community from church and the answers received during the independent survey was quite outlandish. Most of the answers he got from the community were: ‘ I don’t like being preached down to’ ‘churches are money conscious’ and ‘church is a personification of boredom’. The aforementioned answers, instead of demoralizing Pastor Bill Hybels and his team, further boosted their morale to open a church.

    Nevertheless, still on history on how the Willow Creek Community started, on the 12th Day of October, after listening to the views of the community on their reason for absenting themselves from church, Pastor Bill Hybels and his team held the first service and of which twenty-five people were present in the service at the Willow Creek Theatre located in Palatine Illinois. One thousand, two hundred baskets of tomatoes, which were sold from house to house by teenagers were used to pay for the rent and other miscellaneous expenses of Willow Creek Theatre

    It is apposite to mention that Willow Creek Church skyrocketed to two thousand in two years as the church progresses.

    Nevertheless, like any other commission of God, the vicissitudes of the new commission, which is Willow Creek Church, led to changing of the church’s vision from what it used to be to wider and   profound vision.

    Also Pastor Bill Hybels appealed to his congregation over his ceaseless engagements and constant talk of grace. According to Pastor Bill Hybels:

    ‘The Leadership Structure and Goals of the Willow Creek Church are to nurture a full blown Act 2 community church, as against the usual being an evangelizing machine, that doesn’t get to the root and to get done myriads of things that are meant to be done’

    Flowing from the above, as at 2006 to 2008, Pastor Bill Hybels of the Willows Creek Church was not actively involved in the activities of the church and the person that was the gravitating force of the church in the absence of Pastor Bill Hybels, was Gene Appel, who was the pastor of South Barrington Campus church as at then. Gene Appel was the helm of affair of the church of South Barrington from 2006 till 2008, precisely Easter Sunday.

    The presence of Gene Apple and his vital role in South Barrington Campus enabled Pastor Bill Hybels, to concentrate more on Willow Creek Association.

    In the course of Pastor Bill Hybels quest for change, he introduced in 1995, Global Leadership Network (GLN) which was later changed to Willow Creek Association in 2018. The Willow Creek Association, is a yearly leadership training and mentoring to enlighten the leadership skills of the participants.

    The yearly conference do broadcast live from the confines of Willow Creek Community Church, with an estimated number of 118,000 people that are participating all over the the United States, as at 2018 and myriads of people, in their hundreds of thousand equally participating in the broadcasted conference from the Willow Creek Church around the world.

    The church progressing, parked to the current place the church is presently, which is South Barrington. Still on the church’s progress, in the year 2000, the Willow Creek Church started having six service and with an estimated number of fifteen thousand participants. It is important to mention that the space of the Willow’ s Church in South Barrington is about 352,000 square foot.

    Also, in the indefatigable nature of Pastor Bill Hybels of the Willow’s Church in harvesting of souls for Christ, in 2004, another branch of the Willow Creek Church was established and which is one of the biggest theatres in the United States and of which the aforementioned theatre can contain a maximum of seven thousand persons.

    Notably, the Willows Creek Church under Pastor Bill Hybels, grew tremendously to an estimated number of twenty-five thousand attendees in a week and which invariably made it the eight biggest church in the United States of is important to add, that Pastor Bill Hybels presented President Barrack Obama for a speech on Immigration reform on 1st   July, 2020.

    It is imperative to state that like any human that is prone to controversies and scandals, the Chicago Tribune reported that there is a verifiable allegation of sexual misconduct of Pastor Bill Hybels, that have lingered for a very long time.

    Chicago Tribune courageously asserted that Pastor Bill Hybels, for long involved in a protracted sexual affair with a woman that is married. The stated woman has long denied the allegation and stating authoritatively, that there is no bearing of truth in what they said.

    Also, it has been argued that the elders of the Willow Creek Community Church have performed an extensive internal investigation, of which the their was no vestige of misconduct found and flowing from the investigation of the elders, three leaders of the church resigned from their various designated positions on the premise that there was no extensive investigation done on the issue.

    Fundamentally, the sexual allegations didn’t go down well most congregations of the Willow Community Church for instance, the annual conference yearly conference that is reported all over the world, lost almost hundred host sites and also about ten thousand of viewer all in 2018. Also a news agency, known as the Religion News Service, stated that the participation of the congregation in the service of the Willow Creek Church reduced to nine percent and also a mammoth resignation of the whole senior leadership team.

    Finally, Pastor Bill Hybels wasn’t left out as he wanted to voluntarily retire from the church on April 10, 2018, but had to retire earlier than that on the premise that he doesn’t want to be a distraction to the ministry of God.  He also left the board of the Willow Creek Association and will not head the Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit.

    Bill Hybels Net worth

    As of January 2022, Bill Hybels has accumulated a net worth of $45 Million. The majority of his earnings have come from being a church figure. Besides, he is an accomplished author, having written and contributed to over 20 books on the theme of Christian leadership.  His books “The Power of a Whisper: Hearing God, Having the Guts to Respond” and “Fit to Be Tied: Making Marriage Last a Lifetime” have sold a million copies worldwide. His possessions include a private jet and luxury yacht.

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