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There’s Something About Jesus’ Name – Benny Hinn

    Benny Hinn Sermon There is Something About Jesus Name : Watch Benny Hinn sermon titled ”there is something about Jesus’ name.

    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there is something about that name” is the beginning of a worship song that Pastor Benny Hinn often includes in his services.

    In the name of Jesus we find salvation, healing, deliverance and restoration, and this was never more evident in the Miracle Service you’ll experience on today’s program. A steady stream of men and women came forward to tell of amazing changes in their conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis, eye problems, a spinal condition, severe allergies and a severe back injury sustained in a car accident. Virtually every person began their story with “While we were worshiping…”. Wherever you’re watching today, enter into the presence of Jesus, call on His name, and expect Him to touch you!

    As a Christian, you must understand that there is the greatest power in the name of Jesus. Recall that God the father speciafically said that he will elevate Jesus and give him the name above every oother name, that at the mention of Jesus’ name, every kneel must bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord.

    Form the habit of constantly calling on the name of the Lord and you will forever feel his presnce and enjoy the power in the name.

    Kindly watch and learn from this sermon and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and show you the power in his name.

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