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Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons – The Sacrifice of Praise

    Archbishop Duncan Williams Sermons The Sacrifice of Praise – The famous and dedicated preacher of the gospel Archbishop Duncan-Williams of the Action Chapel International Ministry has come up with this new and life changing sermon titled  “The Sacrifice of Praise”.

    The Archbishop in this message emphasized on the power and importance of   of praise. He went further to reiterate Jesus’ demand that  we should enter his gates with thanksgiving and not just come before God with request. When you come before him, recognize who he is and that is God all by himself and, that he can do anything whether he does it or not. Recall that Jesus Christ personally thought us how to pray with what is known as ”the Lord’s prayer”.

    Careful meditation and understanding of the prayer  (Our Lord’s Prayer) will tell that when you kneel to pray, there are steps you need to follow. Do not kneel and start with requests. As a matter of fact, God enjoys being praised. He already know our needs even more than we do. The Lord’s prayer that Jesus taught us starts thus ” Our father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name, Thy  Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, ….”

    Looking at this prayer, we could see that it started with praises and recognition of whom our God is.

    Anytime we kneel to pray, let us form the habit of praising the Lord. Worship him, adore him, thank him for all he has done. If you think that he has done nothing for you, be reminded that the fact that you are alive is the greatest miracle. It should be noted that praises and thanksgiving moves God into action.

    It is a wrong attitude when our prayer is filled with complaints about one or the other, without thanking him for the one he has done. We keep being careful about everything but we are not praising God. Let us stop focusing on the negative things and focus on his goodness in our life.

    If you want to continually enjoy the goodness of the Lord, then form the attitude of thanksgiving. Learn to praise, worship, adore and glorify the Lord no matter the situation. Also before making any request, endeavor to acknowledge the fact that he is capable


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    Credit for Archbishop Duncan Williams Sermons The Sacrifice of Praise: Archbishop Duncan-Williams YouTube

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