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Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons – Divine Keys To Encounter Breakthrough

    Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons Divine Keys To Encounter Breakthrough – Does the spirit of the lord dwell in you? we do not need to wait for resurrection or Easter Sunday to experience the spirit of God because he is always in us. He is always in us to give us extra ordinary capabilities to rise above anything  that tries to hold us down, including depression, sicknesses, poverty etc.

    The hand of God is so powerful and stronger than any evil hand. Anyone entrusted in his care is safe and secured. Jesus said, no man can pluck you out of my hand, for the father that gave you to me is stronger than all.

    God will put a supernatural embargo on our problems such that they will never be able to rise again, just like the angel that rolled away the stone of Jesus sat on the stone.

    Only Jesus can save us, not money, not power, just Jesus. some times God will allow the enemy to think he has won, also before resurrection, there is always a quite time, where it feels like hell is rejoice, the moments in our lives where all hope seems to be lost, God is working wonders, he will embarrass our enemies and lift us up in glory.


    Romans 8 vs 11

    john 14 vs 19

    Matthew 57:51-53

    Matthew 28: 2

    JOHN 10 VS. 29

    2nd timothy 1 vs 12

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