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Andrew F. Carter Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, Ministry, Sermons etc

    Andre F Carter Biography

    Andre F Carter is an American Pastor, author, motivational speaker. He is the lead pastor of Royal City Church and Andrew F Carter Ministries. He is married to Kyra Carter and based in Los Angeles .

    Andre is a a popular social media preacher who routinely posts on social media about topics relating to faith and fitness. He started a podcast called Coach Carter’s Motivational Moment and wrote a book entitled The Struggle Is Real, But So Is God.

    Andre F Carter

    Pastor Andrew F Carter  realized his divine calling after posting a video on TikTok, which not only went viral but touched the lives of many; from then, he knew he could touch more lives, and he hasn’t looked back since.

    Pastor Andrew and his wife Kyra Carter are the lead pastor of Royal City Church based in Los Angeles, California. Royal City Church aims to spread the gospel to their community and the rest of the world, an endeavor he describes as their passion. Pastor Carter is also the founder of Andrew F Carter Ministries, a non-profit organization through which he takes his goodwill message and glad tidings to the rest of the world and improves the living conditions of the less fortunate and underserved communities.

    Despite not growing up within a Christian community or having a strong Christian figure to look up to, Pastor Andrew’s emergence as a preacher and religious leader stemmed from his personal experiences, including the obstacles he had had to overcome, thus by spreading the word about Jesus, he is touching lives and building the next generation of Christian warriors. According to him, irrespective of his background, the foundation of his ministry was built on his relationship with Christ and the principles of consistency.

    Although young and tech-savvy, Pastor Andrew recalls growing up in foster care and having to fall through life with little or no guidance or access to the basic luxuries of life. For him, he understands the struggle of the average young person out there, as he has experienced life the same way they are, and even though he leads a ministry that is hundreds and thousand-members strong, he hasn’t lost track of who he is or his mission as a man of God.

    Andre F Carter Age

    The social Media preacher, Andre F Carter was born in the United States on the 11 August 1984 making him 38 years old as of 2022. Andre F Carter’s birthday comes up on the 11 day of August every year.

    Andre F Carter Wife Kyra Carter

    Andre F Carter is happily married to Kyra Carter. The couple met in 2020 and got married on the 1st day of February 2021. Accordingly their marriage is 1 year old (2022).

    Prior to Andre’s marriage to Kyra, he was formally married to a woman whose name is not known . Andre previous marriage to his first wife is blessed with 3 sons named Andrew Jr., Ezra, and Zavier. Andrew’s first marriage broke down when he went to jail.

    Andre F Carter and wife Kyra Carter

    Andre F Carter Ministry

    Andre and his wife Kyra are senior pastors at Royal City Church in Los Angeles. The couple is also popular on social media, especially on  IG, TikTok for their 15 seconds Daily Prayer. They also use the medium to share the gospel, pray and encourage others in the faith. The couple travels to churches and youth gatherings to share his testimony and inspire other brothers and sisters in Christ and encourage them in their faith.

    Andre and Kyra Carter started the Royal City Church one year ago in Los Angeles California. They also run a non-profit organization called Andrew F Carter Ministries. It is through this organization that they take goodwill messages and glad tidings to the rest of the world and also passionately improve the living conditions of the less fortunate and underserved. communities.

    Andre F Carter Net worth

    The exact net worth of Andre F. Carter is not known. His sources of income however includes but not limited to his earnings as a pastor, income from his socialm media particularly Tiktok. We shall update the net worth here once we get a verified information on it.

    Andre F Carter TikTok

    Andre has a Tiktok account with 948, 900 likes as at the time of writing this article. Andre is a a popular social media preacher who routinely posts on social media about topics relating to faith and fitness.

    You can follow Andre on Tiktok using this link

    Andre F Carter Tiktok

    Andre F Carter instagram


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