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Amir Tsarfati Sermon- The Days of Ezekiel (September 4, 2021)

    Amir Tsarfati Sermon The Days of Ezekiel : Its important that we all understand that sometimes, the bad times are not as bad as we think and also there is no part in the bible that states that as you reach toward the end times, things are going to be great.

    We are obviously living in the end times and the end times according to the bible isn’t a pleasant time. The Christians of this day’s fight more for other things than the gospel. We must understand the times and seasons in which we live, the bible said at the end time, there will be so much deception, the biggest deception this days is that we believe, there are other things more important than the bible.

    The church no longer hold on to what they have been promised, they hold on to what they can see.
    Ezekiel was brought to a valley full of dry bones and he asked the lord what it was and the lord said to him, Ezekiel, this is the entire house of Israel, he told Ezekiel of how the Israelites were complaining of lost hope but he told  Ezekiel to tell them they are his people and he was not done with them. God said he will take us out of the grave yard and put us in our land.

    No matter how bad things get, we should know that god our father is not done with us.


    Bible verse for this teaching

    Luke chapter 24: 1-35

    Zachariah 14

    Ezekiel 38-39

    Psalm 83

    Revelation 16


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