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”Contradictions In The Bible Made Me An Atheist” – Amber Rose

    Why Amber Rose turned Atheist

    “Contradictions In The Bible Made Me An Atheist” – Amber Rose: Model and media personality, Amber Rose Levonchuck, has disclosed the reason why she decided to tow the path of atheism.

    Rose, who is famous for her two-year romance with rapper Kanye West, was brought up Christian, has multiple Christian friends, and has read the Bible “front to back,” and yet she has chosen Atheism.

    She disclosed her reason in a recent interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, where the 39-year-old star of BET’s documentary series, College Hill: Celebrity Edition, blamed “a lot of contradictions in the Bible” for her abandonment of Christianity.

    “I feel like, initially, I had a lot of questions when it came to the Christian church and the Bible. I’ve read the Bible front to back. A lot of things didn’t make sense,” explained Amber, who said she has been a practicing atheist “probably a couple years now.”

    The prominent media personality belongs to a group of people known as religious “nones”; this community comprises atheists, agnostics, and those who do not identify with any religion. As measured by Gallup surveys, the proportion of nones has increased from almost nil in the 1950s to around one-fifth of the adult population in the United States today.

    However, she has denied using her considerable public platform to attempt to “convert” people.

    “That’s not what we do. Christians do that,” she explained. “I was always open to having the conversation and answering questions, but I don’t try to convert people. That’s not what I do. I don’t try to change people’s minds.”

    Amber added, “My best friends are all Christian and we love each other. They’re my sisters.”

    Though some are shocked by her wholesale denouncement of faith, Amber argues, “You don’t have to be what you were raised to be. You’re able to look outside the box. Now if you come back to Christianity, Islam, or Buddhism—whatever—give yourself an opportunity to just learn different things. It doesn’t mean you have to follow that. It just opens your mind up to maybe something that you’re missing.”

     She added that even though she and  other atheist do not believe in God, they are not spell-casting witches and devil worshipers.

    “We don’t believe in God or a higher power. We definitely don’t believe in the devil. So, we don’t worship anything. We believe in the Big Bang theory. We don’t believe that God said, ‘Let there be light’ and Noah’s ark – stuff like that.”

    She also pointed out that her lack of faith does not in anyway affect her two children.

    “I allow my children to be free thinkers,” she told Big Boy. “They have the children’s Bibles in their rooms. They’re able to ask me questions about anything. I don’t put Atheism on them at all. Sebastian loves to pray at night before he goes to sleep, and as his mother, I pray with him to give him comfort, because I do believe that religion is comfort, and I understand why people tend to go towards religion, because it does comfort them that they will see their loved ones one day.”

    When she was asked what she thought about the afterlife, this is what she had to say;

    “I think we just die, and I think that while we’re on earth, we should do positive things when we can and leave a legacy behind, and that’s just it. I think we have one life to live and personally, I don’t think that there is an afterlife.”

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