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Ambassador Uebert Angel: The Beings In Heaven – Part 1

    Ambassador Uebert Angel sermon The Beings In Heaven part 1 – Ambassador Uebert Angel has come up with this spiritually educative and inspiring new message titled “The Beings In Heaven – Part 1” where he teaches about the creatures of Heaven.

    The devoted senior pastor and founder of Good News Church who is the father of Uebert Angel Jnr and a well known Bible Teacher  hails from Zimbabwe. He has being devoted and zealous towards soul winning and has achieved tremendously in this through daily sermons, devotional, inspiring messages etc.

    Teaching on Instagram that prayer is an enemy of sin, Prophet Uebert Angel once wrote:

    “When you START SINNING, you STOP PRAYING and when you START PRAYING you STOP SINNING… this is why I say PRAYER is the greatest ENEMY of SIN.”

    Watch and learn from this message by Ambassador Uebert Angel: “The Beings In Heaven – Part 1”  and stay tuned with Allpastors sermon website as we bring the latest sermons from Prophet Uebert Angel and his wife Bebe Angel to you.

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