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All you need to know about Edwin Young of Second Baptist Church Houston

    The highly revered pastor Homer Edwin Young of the Second Baptist Church was born in the was born in the awesome city of Laurel, in the county of Jones , which is situated in the ancient south city of Mississippi.

    It is pertinent to state that Homer Edwin Young is from an impoverished, which pathetically made him to go to school on bare foot and which his parents were able to buy shoes for him when he was in third grade.

    Pastor Homer Edwin Young started his tertiary education at the reputable university of Alabama which is at Tuscaloosa. The discipline of Pastor Edwin Young at the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa was Engineering Major.

    However, in the course of Pastor Homer Edwin Young tertiary education at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, he was received the revered call to serve in the lord’s vineyard. Based on the call received, Pastor Homer Edwin Young left the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa and proceeded to the Mississippi college in the city of Clinton.

    Also, Pastor Homer Edwin Young equally proceeded from Mississippi college in the city of Clinton to the reputable Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary that is in wake Forest, North Carolina.

    In the North and South Carolina, Pastor Homer Edwin Young as a humble shepherd was feeding his sheep with the word of life, until he proceeded to the reputable second Baptist church Houston in 1978.

    The unprecedented anointing placed on Pastor Homer Edwin Young, began to manifest tremendously, when he proceeded to Second Baptist Church, Houston. It is imperative to mention, that when Pastor Homer Edwin Young came to Second Baptist Church, Houston, the most coherent tremendous thing that happened was the overwhelming growth of the church, from attendance of five hundred as at 1978, to twenty-four thousand as at the time of compiling this biography.

    It is apt to mention, that with Pastor Homer Edwin Young, Second Baptist Church, Houston Texas became a force to reckon with in the spiritual clime. The Second Baptist Church, holds services in three six campuses in the metropolitan city of Houston and it is important to add that The Second Baptist Church, invented a virtual online means that their services can be broadcast-ed around the world.

    The personal disposition and charismatic nature of Pastor Homer Edwin Young, made The Second Baptist Church, in June 1992, to appoint him as the leader of the Southern Baptist Convention and which such feat was repeated in June 1993.

    Pastor Homer Edwin Young has equally written myriads of books, such as Healing Broken Marriage, The 1o Commandments of Parenting and the 10 Commandments of Marriage. Etc.

    It is interesting to mention, that the former United States President in the person of President Bill Clinton, in 1993 was asked by Pastor Homer Edwin Young, in his position as the leader of Southern Baptist Convention, whether he believes the bible is literally true? Pathetically, Pastor Homer Edwin Young said that the answer of the then President Bill Clinton, respectfully was not correct.

    It is apposite to add that Pastor Homer Edwin Young, personally has a broadcast ministry, that provides impactful content known as ‘The Winning Walk’ and which is broadcasted all over the world, especially North America.

    Nevertheless, like any other person, Pastor Homer Edwin Young has a family. He married  his awesome wife Jo Beth in 1959, who died at the age of 80 years on 17th September, 2017 and they were married for 58 years.

    The union of Pastor Homer Edwin Young and Jo Beth produced three sons and all his children are serving in the Lords Vine yard. The three sons may be likened to be chips of the old block.

    The three sons of Pastor Edwin Young are Cliff Young a known leader if the Christian folk and Pop group also known as Cademon’s call. Cliff Young also serves as the creative media director and an associate pastor in the Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas.

    Also, Ben Young is a speaker, author and an associate pastor at the Second Baptist Church. Edwin Young is a speaker, an author and a senior pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas.

    It is apropos to add that the life of Pastor Edwin Young, is not devoid of controversy, in one of his exhortations, titled ‘Healing Broken America’, he x-rayed what a defeated Washington and crushed Wall street can learn can learn from the story of the prodigal son and which sparked controversy on the premise that it was politically motivated, but in his defence, Pastor Homer Edwin Young posited that it wasn’t politically motivated. The sermon was actually embedded in a DVD.

    Pastor Homer Edwin Young, on 14th May, 2017

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