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Joel and Victoria Osteen celebrate their daughter for being a Lakewood church music legend

    Alexandra Osteen and Lakewood music : Pastor Joel Osteen and the wife Victoria Osteen expresses their excitement and pride over their daughter Alexandra Osteen generally over all her activities, ranging from academic performance, music performance etc.

    Recently Victoria Osteen had Alexandra Osteen and Lakewood music praised over their music performance while also creating awareness of their new album .

    Writing further on this, Victoria Osteen took to  instagram to write thus :

    “I’m very proud of our daughter Alexandra and Lakewood Music. They have been writing music and singing together at Lakewood since they were teenagers. They’re releasing a new album, Whatever May Come. I hope you’ll check it out!

    Also in the clip below , Pastor Joel Osteen expressed how excited and proud of her daughter he is . Watch and listen to the below instagram clip .

    credit : Victoria Osteen Instagram

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