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Biography of Pastor Aaron Marshall

    The word of God is among the most-read messages circulating worldwide. Numerous individuals have contributed to sharing this message in several places in the world while leading unsaved people to Christ.

    Biography of Pastor Aaron Marshall

    Aaron Marshall
    Aaron Marshall
    Background Information
    Full Name: Aaron Marshall
    Gender Male
    Place of Birth:
    Net Worth
    Occupation: Pastor

    Pastor Aaron Marshall is a pastoral staff and Director of Student Life at Free Chapel Church. He is one of the notable individuals who have actively contributed to the rise of the Free Chapel Church in Gainesville, Georgia.


    Pastor Aaron Marshall is estimated to be in his early 40s.

    Early Life And Education

    There isn’t much information on the early life of Pastor Aaron Marshall. Before his position as a minister at the Free Chapel Church, he obtained some educational qualifications. Pastor Aaron Marshall has a B.A degree in Religious Studies from St. Lawrence University in New York. He further obtained an Associate Certified Coaching Certificate in Mental Health.

    Personal Life

    Pastor Aaron Marshall is married to Crystal Marshall, and they represent the younger aspect of ministers at the Free Chapel Church.

    Ministerial Works

    Pastor Aaron Marshall has always been a lover of Christ and, as such, always looked to become a minister of the gospel. He mainly serves as a minister at Free Chapel Church in Georgia.

    Free Chapel Church is a ministry that is particularly passionate about reaching different souls with the knowledge of Jesus Christ. They have campus ministries with outlets in Braselton, Cumming, Gwinnett, Orange County, and Spartanburg, amongst others.

    Currently, Pastor Aaron Marshall is the Director of Student Life in Gainesville, Georgia. He has greatly contributed to activities in the church and has released several messages which has helped to shed much light on several biblical topics.

    Pastor Aaron Marshall’s Social Media

    Pastor Aaron Marshall is active on the below social media platform.

    • Tiktok – @pastor_aaron_marshall

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