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Pastor Michael Todd : Biography, Date of Birth, Wife, Kids, Transformation Church and Net Worth


    Michael Todd is a young American pastor who was born and brought up in Oklahoma, United States. He is the lead co-pastor of the Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, alongside his wife Pastor Natalie Todd. They became the lead pastors since February 2015 after it was entrusted on them by the founding pastor, Bishop Gary McIntosh. The unique thing about Pastor Michael Todd is that the sermons and messages delivered by Pastor Michael Todd who is described as the pastor of the New Generation are first class sermons which are very motivating and full of inspiration. With Pastor Michael, you will get to know about the new energy embedded in serving God with dedication while still relating to the recent and trending affairs along the globe.

    As a renowned author, he has authored a lot of inspiring and life changing books one of which is the book titled  ”Relationship Goals”: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex.

    Pastor Michael Todd Age and Birthday

    Pastor Todd is 35 years old as of 2021. He was born on November 16, 1986, in Oklahoma, the United States. Accordingly, he celebrates his birthday  on November 16, every year and his birth sign is Scorpio. Michael Todd birthday is always a blast. He takes out time on his birthday to celebrates with his family,  friends and congregation. Natalie Todd, his wife always makes his birthday a memorable one.

    Pastor Michael Todd Height

    Michael Todd is a man of above average height. You could tell from his pictures and videos that he is a tall young man of averagely 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m).

    Michael Todd Wife

    Pastor Michael Todd is happily married to his adorable and supportive wife Natalie Todd. They got married in 2010. Both serve as lead pastors of the Transformation church , having been instilled/handed over by the founder Pastor Gary Mclntosh. Michael and Natalie Todd have 3 adorable children, 2 daughters named Isabella and Ava Todd and one son named Michael jr.

    Pastor Michael Todd Children

    Michael and Natalie Todd marriage is blessed with 3 beautiful Kids, 2 daughters and 1 son namely Isabella and Ava todd and one son named Michael jr.

    Michael Todd family /parents/siblings

    Michael Todd and his three siblings were born and raised in Tusla Oklahoma by their loving parents. Michael Todd father’s name is Tommy Ray Todd. His mother’s identity is yet undisclosed but will be updated as soon as revealed.

    Pastor Michael and Natalie Todd wedding

    The two love birds Michael and Natalie Todd had their wedding on June 20, 2010. Both have been having a wonderful marriage and they live in Tusla Oklahoma with their three lovely children Isabella, Ava and Michael Jr. The couples have gained a lot of popularity as a result of their role as lead pastors of Transformation Church.

    Pastor Michael Todd Transformation church

    Bishop Gary Mclntosh started the Transformation Church in Tusla Oklahoma. Bishop Gary being a white suffered a lot of opposition a a result of the church making up mostly of the black community. He was however able to pass through the turbulence . He managed  the ministry until 2015 when God directed him to instill Michael and Natalia Todd as lead pastors of Transformation Church, which he dis as instructed. Accordingly, Michael and Natalie Todd became lead pastors of Transformation church in 2015. Being young and energetic, the couples were able to pilot the affairs of the church effectively , applying modern practices and technologies. As a result of this, within a short period of time, Michael Todd and his wife have made tremendous impact in the church particularly due to their unconventional approach to the gospel. For instance, after his ”wait till i get my money right” a progressive series on tithes and offerings in the church, over 250 members became tithers to the ministry.

    Suffice to note that Michael Todd’s driving passion philosophy is ”representing God to the lost and found for transformation in Christ”.

    Pastor Michael Todd Relationship Goals

    One of Michael Todd book on relationship matter is one titled ;;relationship goals: how to win at dating, marriage and sex. Michael Todd in this book in this book examines the most common issue in the present day relationships, how to handle break-ups gracefully when they happen and also hopw to play family and not just to live in a family.

    Pastor Michael Todd Net Worth

    Michael Todd has undoubtedly made a fortune for himself in his ministerial career being a young and energetic lead pastor of the Transformation church since 2015. Information regarding Michael Todd net worth is yet to be revealed online and same will be updated once made available on the internet.

    Pastor Michael Todd Books

    Michael Todd is not just an energetic and lead pastor of the Transformation church but also a renowned author who has written a lot lof educative, life changing and inspiring books. One unique feature of Michael Todd books is that he applies modern ideas and reasoning. Accordingly , his books are more realistic than many other’s.

    Some of Michael Todds top books are


    10 Things You Don’t Know About Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church Are:

    • Pastor Michael Todd is the Lead Pastor of transformation Church based in Tulsa, Oklahoma which has a massive follower-ship.
    • The Church was entrusted on Pastor Mike Todd and his wife Natalie Todd by the founder Bishop Gary McIntosh after 15 years of operation.
    • Both Pastor Todd and Natalie Todd have been the lead pastors of Transformation Church since February 2015 and the Church keeps gathering more followers.
    • Their personal philosophy is re-presenting God to the lost and found for transformation in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
    • Pastor Todd got married to Natalie Todd in 2010 and they live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    • Michael Todd’s marriage to Natalie Todd is blessed with three beautiful children, their daughters, Isabella and Ava and their son, Michael Jr. known as MJ.
    • Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church is estimated to worth about $5 Million as at 2020.
    • The lead pastor of Transformation Church, Pastor Todd is a lover of kids and he also loves to dress in a very cute way.
    • It should also be noted that Pastor todd is a good Singer.
    • Lastly , Pastor Todd and his wife are very energetic people who will go to any length to see that the gospel gets to every possible part of the Globe.

    Picture credit: Michael Todd instagram

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