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5 Key Things You Must Do Everyday of Your Life As A Christian

    5 Key Things You Must Do Everyday of Your Life As A Christian : The life of a Christian should be in line with that of Christ. To be a Christian simply means to be Christ-like. Read the bible, make the Bible your companion and in doing so, not only will the Holy spirit guide u in undestanding the word, the Holy Spirit will also give you the grace and stregth to live in accordance with the word of God.

    The basic principle of living a Christian life is to do to others what you would like them to do to you, treat others the way you would like to be treated.

    Things you must do or things you should do on daily basis as a Christian are countless. Hower, there are basis things you must never fail to do on daily basis as a Christian.

    Below are 5 Things you must never fail to do everyday of your life as a Christian

    1. Pray : Endeavor to start your day with prayer and end it with prayer. Also if you have the opportunity, pray mid day. While praying in the morning, appreciate God for giving you the privilege of seeing the new day. Thank him for the good health of mind and body and then commit into his able hand, your day. As you do this, be rest assured that he will take over your day and your activities and perfect them. Prayer remains the only key to everything good. See our powerful Morning prayer and Night prayer .
    2. Read the Bible: The word of God is life. The powerfulness and the benefits of the word of God as contained in the Bible cannot be overemphasized. The word of God is to human what fuel is to cars and other fuel operating machines. The more the word of God you read, the stronger you become. on daily basis, try the best you can to read and equip yourself with the word of God. Read, mediate ansd learn from the Bible and act in accordance with what you have learnt and meditated on.
    3. Put smile on the face of someone:  : God told us in his word that what ever we do to the least of men, we have done that to him. As a Christian, we owe God everything good and kind and since what we do to others , we have done that to God, it is important to be conscious of your behavior to other people. One act of kindness attract so many of same.
    4. Give arms / Help the needy: just like number 3 above, it is important as a Christian tk help the needy and put a smile on a suffering face. God said, when i was hungry, you fed me, when i was naked, you clothed me, when I was in prison, you visited. All these means hat you do to the least of men/ other people, particularly the needy. So as a Christian, endeavor to help the needy that God the greatset and only helper will help you.
    5. Above all, seek the face of God, try to know him the more everyday and draw closer to him. For everyday of your life, try to love God the more, know him the more, serve him the more and be more grateful.

    These are some of the things you must learn to do every day of your life as a Christian.

    As we seek the face of God in our daily life, may he draw us closer to himself and continue to give us the grace never to fall apart.

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