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Set Your 2023 Goals With This Amazing Goal Setting Checklist

    2023 Goal Setting Checklist : The first step to achieving any goal is to to draw a checklist of the goal, the plans on how to go about it and the processes/ procedures on how to achieve it.

    As you’re gearing up for the new year, I believe watching this week’s video can really help you succeed. Here’s the thing — there are 6 common mistakes people make in setting new goals… many people don’t even realize they’re a mistake! I’m praying and believing that the days ahead will overflow with God’s goodness and blessings! The success you’ve seen so far is only a glimpse of what God has ahead for you.

    Kindly watch video by Terri Savelle Foy on how to develop your 2023 Goal Checklist.

    Video credit : Terri Savelle Foy Youtube

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